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Majestic Bird Cage Testimonials

Please read below to see what some of our happy customers have to say about their new Majestic Bird cages from CustomCages. 

"Hello Hannah,

I've attached a full-resolution photo of our cage, with our two Conures in it.  The cage is fantastic!"

Kirk B.
Dec 15, 2011

"Hi Hannah!

Thanks for the beautiful cage. Chico is extremely happy with it. However, I had to set the new house side by side with the old one for about a week. Grays are very nervous about anything new, so I waited a few days before he got shoved into his new house.

Here [are some] photos I took during the building process. It took me longer to clean up the RV for the photos than it took me to assemble the enclosure inside the RV."

Udo W.
May 27, 2011

African Grey Cage, Grey Birdcage

Built-in Majestic BirdCage

Custom Bird Cage, Wooden African Grey Cage

Custom Enclosures for Birds

Custom Majestic Bird Enclosure, African Grey Cage

"Hi Hannah, I finally finished this. There was a lot I wanted to say, and I think I finally captured it all, and it's fairly intelligible - ha ha ha.  I know it's really long and wordy, but I figured it was best to include everything so you'd have it all.

Our rescued/adopted and 1 store bought parrot; along with our rescued Rottweiler/Shepherd/Bloodhound mix Dig; and our rescued/adopted kitties: Halle, Nelson and Ellie are 8 of the biggest joys in our lives. Max is an Umbrella Cockatoo, Ikey is a Timneh African Gray, Kiwi is a Panamanian Amazon and Lucy is a Nanday Conure.

However, our home is also a source of joy, comfort and pride to us. It's our favorite place to be in the world, and there's no place we'd rather spend time. My husband and I try to work very hard to make it nice, and it's very discouraging to walk into your home every day and feel like you're in a filthy pet store, with barred cages everywhere (traditional cages are not the most aesthetically pleasing things in my opinion). As anyone who owns parrots knows, you can clean up after them fifty times a day, but 20 minutes later, it looks like you didn't clean at all! It's definitely a losing battle. Of course, they can't help it since it's in their nature to "spread the wealth" around, but it's still an issue that was very bothersome to us.

As a solution to our problem, we had been looking at "furniture" style cage manufacturers' websites and catalogs for several years, but were hesitant to spend the money. After a LOT of research and comparison shopping, we are so glad we decided to finally order our cages, and we're so glad we made the right decision and chose Custom Cages. In fact, the only thing we regret is putting it off so long. We wish we'd done it years ago.

Now we love our home again because of our beautiful new cages. Also, my "kids" have more living space, and it's more sanitary for them too. Another thing I think is a great feature for them is the clear acrylic door panels on the new cages. The birds can have a clear view, and not have to look through bars when they're in their cages. We also get a benefit from the big see-thorough doors because the kids look SO gorgeous through the clear cage fronts (if I do say so myself). 

Since both my husband and I work, our babies spend the majority of their time in their cages (like most birds, reptiles and rodents I would presume), so we figured – why not give them the best home possible? I think it's worth the investment to make the feathered, furry and scaled members of your family as happy and comfortable as you can.

Since many species of parrots live so very long, it's so worth investing in a beautiful living space for them. When you consider you will have your bird(s) for several decades, and spread the total cost of the enclosure(s) over all of those days, weeks and years, it's really not that much to spend on such precious members of your family.

Another reason we know it’s worth the cost is because Custom Cages's craftsmanship, and the quality they put into their products are second to none. They were more beautiful than I could’ve imagined. The photos on the website and the catalog look great, but they don't even come close to the stunning look of the cages in person.

In addition to being absolutely beautiful, the cages are SO practical and well designed. There are many features which make them so easy to clean. We got the pullout tray system, and it works wonderfully. Also, the sides of the cages just above the cage bottom are slanted, which really helps catch any additional debris that would normally fallout the sides of a traditional cage. If you add on the side catch trays (very, very inexpensive), you end up with almost NOTHING outside the cages. Not eve n a seed or piece of down.

The stainless steel grates are soooo much better than powder coated too! You only have to spend about 10% of the effort to clean them as you would the powder coated or enameled cages, and those types of finishes chip away and wear off eventually anyway. Then they start rusting - not good for the health of the animals! Also, I would have to use the enzymatic sprays which I would worry about using around the birds (not to mention they're expensive when you have a medium and 3 large cages to clean every day). Now it’s just hot water and a scrubbing sponge (which works great but we couldn't use on our old cages because they scraped the coating right off).

Another feature of Custom Cages that I think is a brilliant idea i s the Friendly Feeder s and Perches. They work perfectly - no food or water is able to spill out the sides of these feeders! The perches are just SO great too. I like the way they're made out of natural wood. I think it's better for their feet, and they really look nice. I could not believe how well the kids took to the feeders and perches, and how quickly and easily they figured out how to use them. They are fascinated by them too. They like to stick their heads in them and look around, like they're in a bubble. It's hilarious to watch them.

Lastly, I cannot say enough about CC's customer service!  Hannah is the best!! She is so helpful, professional and responsive to issues. She does everything she can to provide the best quality customer service, and you can tell she really cares about their products and their customers.

I had a million questions to ask before I placed our order, and Hannah very patiently spent a lot of time on the phone with me, answering and explaining everything to me. Also, she kept me informed of the status of my cages throughout the entire ordering, production and shipping processes. Once they arrived, she helped us with questions on assembling the cages. We did have an issue with one of the doors, and Hannah took care of it for us, shipping out a replacement part immediately. She's just an awesome customer service representative, and a real sweetheart of a person.

If you are thinking about getting a nicer, newer home for your exotics, you should get it from Custom Cages. You'll be so happy you did, and so will your little family members!

The pictures will be coming....... stay tuned.  Sorry this is taking me so long ~ !     :o)


Jean S.
May 10, 2011

african grey enclosures parrot cages, majestic birdcages

Birdcages, wood bird cages

Cockatoo birdcages, African Grey Cages

Cockatoo cage, wood bird cages

Cockatoo enclosures, Cockatoo cages

Eclectus cages, parrot cages, birdcages

Majestic bird aviaries, African Grey Cages

Majestic Birdcages, Cockatoo cages, Parrot Cages

Majestic Cockatoo Cages

Majestic cockatoo enclosures, birdcages, parrot enclosures

...AWESOME ~ !!!!!!  They are the best!  The birds are happier, I can tell, and they turned my morning room from an embarrassing, messy disaster into a showcase.  No one can believe how beautiful they are.  Everyone that's seen them just goes on and on and raves about how great they look.  I just can't explain how pleased I am with them ~ !!!!!!!! 

......... more testimonial to follow. ............  :)"

Jean S
April 20, 2011

"Hi Hannah, 

I have attached some pictures of Lady, I hope you like them. She LOVES her cage. Thank you so much.

Have a great weekend!

March 25, 2011

Majestic Birdcages, Majestic African Grey Cage Majestic Bird Cage, African Grey Birdcage

African Grey Majestic Birdcage Majestig Birdcage, African Grey Birdcage

Majestic Birdcage, African Grey Enclosure


thank you so much for your quick response!  I admire the customer-centric philosophy that Cages By Design has.  The customer service we've received from you directly, as well as all the other "behind the scenes" people has been superb." 

Jean S.
March 29, 2011

"Hi Hannah,

I just wanted to tell you how much we love our huge Majestic bird cage. We have a conuer on one side and an eclectus on the other. They love it, we love it and our guests love it. How amazing that you guys make something so beautiful, so large and are able to ship all they way to us in WA with about 1.5 hours to assemble this whole thing. I can not find the words to tell you how happy we are. Just keep up the great work and I am sure others will be very pleased as well.

Mark and Candy
Oct 2010
Majestic Bird Cage, Conure Cage Majestic Aviary, Wood Bird Cage
60"H x 60"L x 36"D Majestic Bird Cage


I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Majestic Bird Cage and thank you so much for spending so much time with me on the phone. With all the options that has to choose from I decided to do an all acrylic home for my Sun Conure. I am so happy we have this cage as it saves so much time for clean up, everything is now contained to the inside of the cage and not on our living floor. Not to mention the focal point and conversation piece of our home. Thank you for the pride you put in your product. We couldn’t be a happier with our purchase.

Happy Customer Forever,"

Audrey M.
Dec 22, 2010

Bird Cage ~ Majestic Corner Aviary
60"H x 35" Front x 23" Sides x 48" Back ~ Corner Bird Cage

"Custom Cages,

Attached you will find a picture of P J LUCY, our Green Wing Macaw, and our wonderful Majestic Cage. This cage is every thing advertised and it has cut down on cleaning and bird mess. The cage is my wife’s home office and matches the furniture in the office. Every one that comes in want to see the “bird condo” as the cage has affectionately become known. I can truly recommend the Majestic line for cages for any one that requires a top quality show piece for their pet. There is a size and finish that will fit into any décor; no long does the cage have to be hidden in the back room."

Ron P.
July 21, 2008

Majestic Greenwing Cage
48" x 72" x 36" Majestic Complete Bird Cage

Bird Cage ~ Majestic Furniture Style Bird Aviary

H. R.
Feb 26, 2008
60" x 48" x 24" Majestic Ultimate Bird Cage

Beautiful Cockatoo Cage
Donna G.
September, 2007
60" x 60" x 36" Majestic Com Bird Cage

Aviaries for Small Birds
Audrey R.
July, 2010
60"H x 48"L x 24"D Majestic Bird Cage

  Corner Finch Cage
60"H x 23" Front x 17" Sides x 34" Back ~ Corner Majestic Bird Cage

Custom Birdcages Furniture Style Cages   African Gray Cage Furniture Style Bird Cages
Custom Majestic Bird Cages

Huge Corner Birdcage
60"H x 35" Front x 23" Sides x 48" Back ~ Majestic Corner Bird Cage

Beautiful Birdcage Finch Cage
36"H x 36"L x 24"D Majestic Finch Cage

Bird Aviary Bird Cages for Offices Massive Finch Aviary
72"H x 96"L x 36"D Majestic Bird Cage in Dental Office

Bird Cages for Small Birds Bird Cages, Rescue Cages
Bird Rescue Cage ~ Majestic Bird Aviary 60"H x 48"L x 24"D

Table Top Bird Cages Tabletop Bird Cages
36"H x 36"L x 24"D Majestic Nursing Home Bird Cage

Bird Cages, Wooden Aviaries Furniture Cages, Furniture Aviaries Finch Enclosure, Finch Cage
60"H x 60"L x 36"D Majestic Bird Cage

Huge Finch Cage Beautiful Birdcages
10ft Custom Majestic Corner Birdcage

Finch Aviaries, Finch Cages Bird Cages, Finch Cages

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