Acrylic Bird Cages, Custom Build Your Own!

When it comes to choosing paneling for your parrot’s customized acrylic bird cage, ask yourself these simple, yet highly important questions:

  • What type of bird cage would my parrots enjoy?
  • Will my parrots feel comfortable in their cage?
  • If I were a bird, would I enjoy spending most of my waking hours inside this bird cage?

Birds are wild creatures. They love freedom, space, and fresh air. As a result, it is a good idea to choose a clear panel, like acrylic, to house your feathered friends. There are several reasons why acrylic bird cages are so beneficial to your pet’s physical and emotional health.

Think about it. Wire panels look like a prison. Bars are on every side. Even large parrot cages can seem like a dungeon of gloom to a previously wild parrot who has been captured. It could set his nerves on edge. How would you feel looking through bars all the time?

Acrylic Bird Cages Verses Glass Bird Cages

Acrylic panels are clear. They make ideal paneling for all custom cages and large parrot cages. Most of our Hybrid bird cages come standard with acrylic doors. The material is extremely tough and durable, so you won’t have to worry about an angry or terrified parrot breaking through. Acrylic bird cages are preferable to glass bird cages for safety reasons. It is easier to crack glass than acrylic and shattered glass could seriously injure your pet.

Nevertheless, if you have your heart set on a glass bird cage instead of an acrylic bird cage, you can order your custom cages with these panels. Both the Majestic bird cages and the Hybrid bird cages have this glass panel option. We also offer both acrylic and glass panels for our Suncatcher cages so that you can more easily see your birds as they play in their outdoor enclosure.

Due to the risk of shattering during transportation, we recommend you contact a local dealer when installing glass panels. No one can argue that glass bird cages are extremely attractive and sophisticated looking. At Custom Cages, we respect your opinions and wishes, which is why we provide so many options when it comes to our large parrot cages.

Acrylic Bird Cages from the Most Well-Respected Cage Manufacturer in the Nation

The Majestic and Hybrid bird cages offered by Custom Cages are just what you are looking for. Each cage is made with superior material, incredible craftsmanship, and meticulous care. All material comes straight from the United States. You are guaranteed to receive quality acrylic bird cages that will last your pets a lifetime.

Our acrylic bird cages are extremely tough and durable. In fact, our acrylic panels are 5 times tougher than glass. In several tests, these acrylic panels were able to withstand the force of a 45 mph fastball.

Owning Majestic or Hybrid acrylic cages offers many advantages. Not only are they durable and well-made, but they are also very eye-catching. Every cage has a variety of decorative features that makes them stand out and capture the attention of everyone in a room. For example, you can choose from a number of custom stains to give your Majestic acrylic bird cages a finished appearance. If you need an ultra-specific type of stain that we normally do not stock, we can still accommodate your needs. As a custom bird cage manufacturer, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with their dream aviaries—no matter how unique their requests may be.

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