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Aviaries are ideal for housing your feathered friend. Why? Here are 3 reasons:

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1. It's healthy for your bird.

Aviaries are generally much larger than standard bird cages. So they provide your pet with more space to play, sing, sleep, fly, jump and do whatever birds do. Due to their size, aviaries make great macaw cages. But they can be perfect for any type of bird—big or small. The reason aviaries are so healthy for your bird, is because it provides them with room to exercise. And yes, like humans, dogs and cats, birds need exercise to stay strong and fit.

2. It makes your bird more prominent.

Let’s face it. You’re a proud bird owner. So why would you want a tiny finch cage perched in the corner of your living room, barely visible to guests? Instead, why not purchase a large, eye catching bird cage that stands out? The Suncatcher aviaries come in various sizes and can be placed outdoors or indoors. They have a beautiful powder-coated finish giving them an extremely decorative appearance. Some of these bird cages and aviaries even have a gorgeous spherical ball placed on the top of the bird cage, adding an additional stroke of elegance.

3. You can house multiple birds in the same avairy.

If you purchase a small finch cage, you can only house one, maybe two small birds in that enclosure. However, aviaries are capable of housing up to 5 large birds. Spacious aviaries can house a colony of 20-30 birds. So if you’re starting out with one or two birds, but would like to grow your flock in the future, aviaries are perfect. You won’t have to worry about purchasing multiple bird cages.

Aviaries Galore

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