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Bearded Dragon Cage

As a new reptile owner, you want your bearded dragon to live a long, healthy life. What reptile owner doesn’t? However in order to make this wish a reality, you need to be sure to provide your pet with the best care possible This always starts with choosing the proper bearded dragon cage or bearded dragon enclosure.

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Proper care is especially important during the first few years of life. This is when your pet is growing and developing. If your pet is housed in a cold or unsanitary bearded dragon cage or filthy bearded dragon enclosures, he may not live very long. Reptiles can live for 6-12 years, but only if they are well-cared for early in life. Your bearded dragon cages need to be neat, clean and warm.

How to Make Your Bearded Dragon Cage a Healthy Environment for Your Pet

Here are a few things your bearded dragon cage MUST have in order to provide your pet with an ideal bearded dragon enclosure:

Substrate: Many people simply put sand in the bottom of their bearded dragon cages or bearded dragon enclosure. However, when it comes to this specific species, you may want to consider a different type of substrate for your bearded dragon enclosure. Newspaper is not a bad option and will prevent impaction.

However, in order to keep your bearded dragon cage clean, the substrate must be changed on a regular basis. Cages By Design offers turf covers for your bearded dragon enclosures. These turf covers are green in color and make for easy cleaning. They will also make your bearded dragon cages look more authentic - like a real reptile environment. Since the turf covers are removable, it is quite simple to keep your bearded dragon cages sanitary and smelling fresh.