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Bringing your bearded dragon home is an exciting time. You can’t wait to see how he gets along with your other reptiles. Your bearded dragon cages are nicely set up in the family room. Each bearded dragon enclosure has a smooth, green floor and plenty of accessories. You even ordered custom backgrounds for your bearded dragon cages and bearded dragon enclosures. You’re convinced that your bearded dragon terrariums look & feel like home to your pets.

Bearded Dragon Cages
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However, before introducing your new pet to the rest of your reptile colony, it is important to keep him in quarantine for a little while. Don’t rush home and immediately stick your new pet into your bearded dragon cages. The risk of disease is simply too great.

Quarantining Your Pet from Your Other Bearded Dragon Cages

It is absolutely essential to keep your new pet in quarantine for at least 6 weeks before introducing him to any of your other reptiles or bearded dragon enclosures. In order to safely quarantine your pet, you will need an additional bearded dragon terrarium or bearded dragon enclosure. This bearded dragon terrarium should be kept in a separate room of the house, or in the garage.

Just because you plan on only keeping your reptile in a quarantined bearded dragon terrarium for a short amount of time, doesn’t mean you should ignore his comfort. It is essential that all your bearded dragon cages are spacious, cozy and warm. In fact, these requirements are of the utmost importance when keeping your pet in quarantine. You want him to have an ideal environment. Carefully observe him in his bearded dragon enclosure. Make sure he appears healthy, alert and active. If there are any signs of abnormality, call your herp veterinarian immediately.

After a few weeks, if your pet seems perfectly normal and healthy, it will be safe to let him inhabit your regular bearded dragon cages. If you are purchasing your pet from a responsible breeder, disease is not a major concern, but still a possibility. If you buy your reptile from a pet store or backyard hobbyists, the risk of illness is much greater. As a result, be sure you always have a spare bearded dragon terrarium or bearded dragon enclosure in the back room. This enables you to immediately quarantine any new pets you purchase.

Multiple Color Choices For Bearded Dragon Cages

The Majestic wood reptile cages & enclosures below come in Autumn Cherry Stain on Oak Wood, Black Paint on Maple Wood, Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood, Dark Walnut Stain on Oak Wood, Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood, White Paint on Maple Wood.
laminate colors for wood reptile cages

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