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Bearded Dragon Enclosures
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If you’re a real pet lover, you may end up with a half dozen different types of pets running around your house and yard. This may include dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, lizards and other reptiles. Unfortunately, not every type of animal gets along with each other. Cats may try to kill your birds. The dog may accidentally injure your rabbit. Naturally, your reptiles are also susceptible to harm or injury. This doesn’t mean your pets can’t get along, it just means you need to exercise a few precautions.

How to Keep Your Bearded Dragon Enclosures & Reptiles Safe

An exuberant dog may accidentally push your bearded dragon enclosures to the floor. He may run wildly around your bearded dragon terrarium or boa cages in an attempt to get his paw on your queer looking reptile. The key is to have safe, secure bearded dragon enclosures. You want your bearded dragon terrarium and boa cage to be invasion-proof. As a result, try to find bearded dragon enclosures and boa cages that are made from tough, durable material and have a secure locking system. The Hybrid reptile cages offered by Custom Cages are an excellent choice.

These bearded dragon enclosures and boa cages come standard with acrylic panels, which are 5 times stronger than glass. Each bearded dragon terrarium and boa cage also has unbreakable steel joints that are designed to withstand a tremendous amount of force. This will prevent your boa cage or bearded dragon terrarium from being easily knocked on its side. These bearded dragon enclosures also have a revolutionary locking system, making escape or a “break-through” almost impossible. The doors interlock with the frame of the boa cage and are then pinned in place. Nothing can get in or out of these top-notch bearded dragon enclosures.

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