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Big Cages

Big cages are important for a number of reasons:

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  1. They provide space. Whether you are looking for an acrylic bird cage, or a glass bird cage, size is an issue. A large parrot cage will provide plenty of space for you to set up feeders, toys, perches, and other accessories. When investing in custom bird cages, there is really no limit to the size you can choose.
  2. They promote a bird’s physiological health. Birds who are crammed in small birdcages can develop severe physiological issues such as depression, aggression and self-mutilating behavior. Big cages are mentally and emotionally healthy for your bird. After all, parrots are wild animal by nature—they’re use to having the whole sky to themselves. As a result they need big cages to make them feel happy.
  3. They encourage exercise. The more space your large parrot cage has, the more apt your bird will be to move around. If you keep your pet in a small acrylic bird cage, he’ll likely just huddle up in a corner and mope. On the other hand, if he has a large parrot cage to explore, he’ll be in constant motion.

Big Cages...Big Choices

If you’re looking to invest in some big cages, you can’t choose a better brand than the Hybrid birdcages. Many of these custom bird cages are designed specifically for the larger species such as macaws. They are spacious and roomy. The H3 Hybrid birdcage is 72"H x 144"L x 48"D. This enormous acrylic bird cage provides plenty of space for you to set up an entire playground for your pet to enjoy. You can accessorize your bird cage with perches, playstands, hanging toys and swings. Your birds will never be board so long as they have big cages to explore.

Not only that, when you purchase a Hybrid birdcage you can customize it to meet your bird’s needs. These custom bird cages offer you a plethora of choices. There is no size to big. No color to wild. And no material that’s unavailable.