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Bird Cages

Have you ever gone house hunting—either for a rental or to buy? You looked at dozens of homes searching for the perfect place to call your own. You considered all types of things including space, size, storage room, convenience and location. You wanted a home that would make you happy & content. Well, shopping for bird cages is a lot like house-hunting. You need to find the ideal bird cages for your feathered flock---a place that will make them feel safe, secure and happy.

Bird Cages or Bird Aviaries: What’s the Difference?

Plenty. Bird cages are like a spacious bedroom where your bird can rest and do a few activities. An avairy is like a big backyard—a place your birds can fly and stretch their wings. Either model can work exceptionally well, depending on the type & number of birds you own. Bird aviaries simply provide your pets with a little extra room to call their own.

The Suncatcher bird aviaries have a superior design making them the safest, most convenient choice for bird enthusiasts. Our wire panels are welded together and framed with iron tubing. This makes our bird cages both secure and durable. Plus it eliminates the potential of your pet getting his foot or toe caught in between the wires. These parrot cages are perfect for housing a colony of finches or parrotlets in your backyard.

If you’d rather have more stylish bird cages inside your home, you’ll be delighted with our Majestic enclosures. These parrot cages come with a solid oak frame and a variety of fine finishes, including natural oak, colonial oak, dark walnut and autumn cherry. You can even purchase decorative hoods, stands or legs to give your bird cages a stroke of elegance.

Superior Bird Cages from Industry Experts

Custom Cages has spent years perfecting their bird cage models, in order to provide you with an ideal habitat for your feathered friends. Their dedication to quality, affordability and durability has become a national sensation. Their products have been displayed on various TV shows, including MSNBC and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The company has even installed over $50,000 worth of cages for Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo.

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