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Boa Cage

Boa constrictor snakes can make fascinating pets. They are mystical, sly and extreme introverts. For some hobbyists, they can’t seem to get enough of this enchanting creature. If you’re prepared to take on the challenge of raising a boa constrictor, the first step is to find a boa cage that will adequately house your pet. Boa cages come in a number of different sizes. But bigger is definitely better. Here are a few interesting facts concerning boa constrictor snakes:

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Native origin: Most boa snakes come from Northern Mexico and Argentina. They prefer a hot, dry climate with little moisture. This is an important fact when setting up your boa cages or chameleon cages. Be sure to keep your boa cage high and dry at all times. Sand would make ideal substrate. A heat lamp and full spectrum lighting is also essential. After all, you want your boa cage or chameleon cage to be ultra comfortable for your pets.

Size: Boa constrictor snakes are quite large. They can reach an excess of 13 feet once they are full grown. As mentioned earlier, a large boa cage is a must.

Physical characteristics: Skin is tan or pink with dark stripes across the scales. These snakes are beautiful. So try to pick out boa cages that match their elegant appearance.

Selecting an Adequate Boa Cage

If you want boa cages that are both attractive and functional for your snakes, why not browse through the cages offered by Cages By Design. We are one of the most reputable manufacturers of boa cages and chameleon cages. The good news is, when you order through us, you don’t have to choose between a boa cage or chameleon cage that is attractive or functional. Instead, you can have both. The Majestic cages are extremely elegant and make for darling chameleon cages or boa cages. They come standard with an oak frame which can be stained with your color of choice. Plus there are several ways to enhance your boa cage or chameleon cage. You can add legs, a hood, stand or decorative crown.