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Build to Order Bird Cages

With so many bird cages on the market you can find yourself lost in a maze of choices. One of the simplest ways to solve your dilemma is to purchase a build to order bird cage that has everything your parrot needs for a long happy life.

Build to Order Bird Cage
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The main question is this: who makes customized build to order bird cages? Options may seem a bit sparse.

You could try to make your own flight cage or aluminum bird cage. But how would you find enough time to invest in this project? Constructing your own custom bird cage is a massive undertaking. Not only is it a tremendous amount of work, you will also have to learn along the way. You’ll be forced to spend hours in trial and error.

A second option is to have a local handyman put together a build to order bird cage for you. This may be a little more convenient, but you’ll still find yourself running into dozens of snags. Ask yourself, has this person ever built a flight cage or aluminum bird cage before? Will he be able to purchase the best type of material for my bird cage?

Purchase Your Build to Order Bird Cages from the Pros

If you want a custom bird cage for your parrots, it is best to find a reputable manufacturer who specializes in making build to order bird cages. Don’t try to do it yourself. Don’t ask your neighbor to do it, and forget about the local handyman. All of these options will simply result in lost time, lost money and a mountain load of frustration.

Custom Cages is a Wisconsin-based company that has been making customized cages for over 10 years. They have a stellar reputation and have built thousands of build to order bird cages. Our skilled craftsmen know exactly what they’re doing. They can build a custom bird cage that is durable, professional and well-designed in a fraction of the time it would take you or someone else. All of our birdcages are made out of the best material for each function. Our Hybrid bird cages have acrylic doors for adequate viewing; stainless steel top and sides for abundant ventilation and a laminate background for aesthetic beauty.

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