Are you considering getting a pet cat, an adorable cat cage, a sweet-looking cat condo, plus all the other accessories your new kitty could possibly need, such as a cat scratching post and cat tree? If so, there are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge into becoming a cat owner.

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A Cat As A Pet

Yes, cats do make wonderful pets. They are adorable, affectionate, entertaining and great companions. Cats are relatively easy to care for, are lower maintenance than other types of pets and are not as expensive to feed. But that doesn’t mean your new cat and all his cat cages and accessories won’t require a tremendous investment on your part. Because they will!

Before purchasing your new cat you must make sure that you are willing to make a long-term commitment. Having a pet—any type of pet—requires hard work, responsibility and dedication. Your cat will need to be fed and cared for daily. His cat cage, cat condo and litter box will need to be cleaned and kept up. When we say you need to be committed to your cat, we’re talking about a long-term commitment. You can’t allow yourself to be eagerly shopping for a cat scratching post or cat tree one day, and the next day be ready to hand your pet over to the humane society. Such an attitude is extremely detrimental to your cat who deserves a steady home for as long as he lives. This means you must be willing to tend to the needs of your cat, no matter what life throws your way. If you make a career change, decide to move across the state or decide to get married, your cat still needs to be a priority. Leaving your pet by himself in his cat cage or cat condo for weeks on end is not fair.

Secondly, as you consider adopting a cat, make sure you are willing and able to invest time in your cat. Yes, cats tend to require much less care than dogs or other pets. But they still are a living being that deserves your love and affection.

You will need to feed your cat every day and make sure he has plenty of fresh water. Keeping your cat condo or cat cages clean should be a top priority. Making sure your pet has scratching posts where he can sharpen his claws, and a cat tree where he can indulge in climbing is also important. Shopping for these items will require some time on your part. You may need to go to various pet stores looking for the perfect cat cage. Or you may need to do hours of research on the internet comparing prices and brands. Remember not all cat cages are alike. It’s important that you find a cat cage and cat condo that is safe, secure and spacious for your pet. You will also need to research the ideal food for your cat. Simply grabbing the cheapest brand off the grocery store shelf may be easy, but it will not benefit your pet’s health. With so many brands of pet foods available it is important to research what brands are nutrient-dense and will properly nourish your pet. If your cat is feeling depressed or under the weather you may have to coax him to eat a meal. You may need to sit with your cat by his cat cage or cat condo, encouraging him to eat. Oftentimes, you will find that this added attention is all the encouragement your pet needs.

While many people believe cats are loners who prefer to be by themselves, this is not always the case. Every cat relishes his owner’s love and attention. Make a point to spend time with your cat every day. Some cats like when their owners rough house with them on the floor. Others prefer to snuggle up in your lap or perch on the counter next to you. Give your cat plenty of attention and you will gain a life-long friend. As your cat gets older, he will become less playful and more like a couch potato. Your job is to keep him athletic and toned so he maintains a healthy body weight. Encourage your cat to climb around his cat cage or cat tree on a regular basis. Play fund games together, such as laser tag, to encourage your pet to stretch his muscles.

Money is another factor you should take into consideration when purchasing a cat. While cats are not terribly expensive, you will have to invest your hard-earned dollars in a cat cage, cat condo, cat tree, cat scratching post and other accessories. Even after these initial expenses, your cat will need food, grooming and veterinarian care on a regular basis. Count on spending at least $400 a year on these basic needs.

Additionally, if you go on vacation several times a year, you will need to find someone to take care of your cat. Oftentimes this involves taking your pet to a boarding facility or hiring a pet sitter.

If, after carefully considering the time, money and commitment of cat ownership, you are still ready to take the plunge, go for it!! Owning a cat can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences.