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Cat Run

Have you ever wondered how your pet cat keeps himself cool on those scorching summer days? As you feel like you’re dying of heat stroke, you look across the yard to see your cat quietly resting in his cat run or cat house, seemingly unaffected by the heat. As your pet lies there in his cat enclosure he is not even panting. You wonder if he even feels how hot it is outside. Contrary to what you may think, cats do overheat just like humans. The difference is they have a unique way of keeping themselves cool.

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Some of these methods are just common sense and are used by any animal. For example, on a hot day, your pet cat probably will not lay in direct sunlight while in his cat run or cat house. More than likely he will seek out a shady spot under a tree or bush. It is important that your cat runs or cat enclosure are always equipped with shade, especially in the summer.

Another cooling method used by cats is to remain inactive when the weather is exceptionally warm. It is unlikely that you will see your pet cat madly racing around his cat run or cat runs when it is 100 degrees outside. If you look close enough, you will probably see him snoozing in his cat enclosure or buried under a large shrub.

Keeping Your Cat Cool in His Cat Run

Although cats do not pant like dogs, they do sweat through their pads. When they are hot, cats often groom themselves. So if you glance over at your cat in his cat run or cat runs and see him vigorously licking his fur—understand that there is a reason. Grooming is one way that cats lower their body temperature. As the saliva evaporates from their coat it cools them down.

There are a number of things you can do to help keep your pet cat cool in his cat run or cat runs.

  1. Be sure he has access to shade at all times. Forcing your pet to lay in the direct sunlight at all times is a sure recipe for disaster and heatstroke. If you leave your pet outside in his cat house or cat enclosure all day, make extra sure shade is available. Keep in mind, just because your cat house or cat enclosure has a roof, does not mean the cat run will stay cool. If possible, try setting up your cat runs or cat house next to a shady tree or in a place where it is shielded from the afternoon sun.
  2. Provide plenty of water. Your pet cat can become dehydrated quickly during hot weather. Leave a full bowl of water in his cat run or cats runs at all times. Whenever you leave for work, be sure the bowl is full and has been recently changed.

Bring your pet indoors if it is too warm. During the summer, the hottest part of the day is generally between 2-6pm. During this time it may be best to take your pet out of his cat run or cat house and bring him indoors where there is air-conditioning. In order to provide your pet with regular access to your air-conditioned home, consider purchasing a Freedom Connector Kit from Custom Cages. The Freedom Connector attaches to a window in your house, giving your pet complete access to both his cat run and your house.