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If you are purchasing a cat for the first time, there will be an abundance of supplies you will need to stock up on. The good news is that most cat supplies are relatively inexpensive. Cat supplies fall into two basic categories: obvious cat supplies and the unexpected cat expenses. Let’s take a brief look at both of these starting with the more obvious cat supplies:

Cat Supplies
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  • Litter box. Unless you want your cats messing anywhere and everywhere, you will need to train them to use a litter box. Place the litter box in your cat cages so your pet knows where it is. Try to leave it in the same spot at all times to avoid confusing your pet.
  • Cat towers. When making your list of cat supplies, don’t forget to include cat towers. Every cat loves to climb and pounce. Cat towers are ideal for encouraging your pet to use his acrobatic skills. The exercise is great for his health.
  • Cat scratching posts. If you’re hoping to avoid these types of cat supplies, you’re in for a shock. A cat condo or cat cage without a cat scratching post is like a living room without a couch. Cats have an innate urge to use their claws, so unless you want your furniture torn to pieces, make sure you purchase cat scratching posts.
  • Food & water bowls. You may want to invest in a rotating feeder such as the Friendly Feeder offered through Custom Cages. This set-up simplifies the feeding and watering process.

Cat Supplies & Expenses You May Not Have Considered

For the most part, caring for cats is pretty straightforward. They all need the basics such as a cat condo, cat cage and other cat supplies. Depending on your pet, there may be some special cat supplies you will be required to purchase. Let’s take a look…

  • Supplements or medications. If your pet is a rescue cat or an elderly cat, he or she may need medication for joint pain or other health conditions. Your veterinarian may also recommend supplements to improve coat condition or digestion.
  • Special shampoos. While you may have considered writing shampoo on your list of cat supplies, specialized shampoo and conditioner can be a bit pricier. If your pet suffers from allergies, a hypoallergenic shampoo may be in order.
  • Specialized diets. Not every cat can thrive on cat food from the local grocery store. While some cats will scarf up any food you place in their cat condo or cat cage, others are pickier, have allergies or dietary needs. Specialized diets may cost more, but they are well worth it if they help improve your pet’s health.

Shop our cat accessories page for some of the cat supplies you will need to care for your cat’s well-being. Custom Cages provides high-quality cat supplies you and your cats will love!

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