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You have three adorable, active cats who love to play, climb and bounce. Since they are still young, these cats have an exorbitant amount of energy. You hate leaving them in the house all day long by themselves when you are at work. More than once you’ve come home to torn up drapes or knocked over plants. You’ve given your pets cat towers to play on and even a cat scratching post, but still it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep these rascals entertained and out of mischief. You’ve been considering getting an outdoor cat cage. This would be a perfect place for your cat towers and other cat furniture.

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When Cat Towers and Toys aren’t Enough

Let’s face it. Some cats need more than a few cat towers to climb on. They need space, outdoor exercise and plenty of mental stimulation. As a result, outdoor cat cages are your best option. Let’s briefly discuss a few of those pressing questions you may have about purchasing an outdoor cat cage for your cat towers.

  1. Where Should I Put It? The best place is somewhere outside. Do you have a large backyard? A decent-sized patio or a cement slab previously used for RV parking? Any of these areas would be ideal. Your outdoor cat cages and cat towers will look great anywhere. Just be sure they are close enough to the house so you can keep an eye on your cats when they are playing on their cat towers.
  2. Who Should I Buy My Cat Towers From? If you want the best cat towers for your outdoor cat cages, Custom Cages has you covered! With hand-crafted products made in the USA you can’t beat the quality or versatility of these gorgeous cat towers. With over 20 years experience in the pet cage industry, this company has perfected their customized cage designs and cat towers so they are functional, adaptable and ideal for any pet cat.
  3. What Time of Year is Best To Start Using Outdoor Cat Cages and Cat Towers? If winter is approaching you may be concerned that it’s too cold for your pet to use his outdoor cage or cat towers. But that is not necessarily the case, depending on where you live. Cats are hardy creatures. Even if you do have cold winters, your cat will enjoy spending a few hours in the afternoon sun playing on his cat towers outside. Just bring him in when the sun goes down and the cold sets in.