Learning about the feline species can be extremely fascinating. It can also empower you to better understand your cats and why they do what they do. A cat is much different than a dog, rabbit or any other type of animal. They have their own set of needs, characteristics and personality quirks. The more you understand your cat, the better equipped you will be to meet his needs.

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Here are a few answers to questions concerning why your pet engages in certain types of behavior:

Why do my cats sleep so much?

It’s a scientific fact: cats need at least 16 hours of sleep every day. That means they sleep twice as long as the average human on a daily basis. So why do cats require so much sleep. The answer: nobody knows. But the reality is they desperately require their beauty sleep. Maybe its because your kitty exerts a tremendous amount of energy at one time. For example, unlike dogs, cats do not engage in long periods of exercise. Instead, their bodies were designed to move in short, vigorous bursts. It could be that your pet cat exerts so much energy during this process that his body quickly becomes exhausted and requires a time of rest to rejuvenate. Based on your cats need to sleep, it is a good idea to provide him with comfortable outdoor cat beds or an outdoor cat tree house where he can snuggle up and get his rest.

Why Do Cats Do That?

While I’m sure you have dozens of questions as to why your cats do a number of things, let’s take a brief look at just a couple more items:

Why do my cats constantly lick their fur?

You don’t have to be around cats for long to discover that they are obsessed with licking themselves. If you are unfamiliar with cats, this behavior may gross you out. But your cats have their reasons for engaging in this type of behavior. Your cat or kitty licks himself in an effort to keep his fur and paws clean. Cats don’t like to be dirty. If you enjoy having a clean house and a clean cat, you may find that you have a much higher appreciation for your cats grooming habits. Additionally, a cat licks himself during hot weather to keep himself cool. So if your cats are sprawled outside in their outdoor cat runs, with their tongues going to town over their fur, understand that they are trying to keep their body temperature down.

Why do my cats purr?

This is one of the most unique sounds cats make—purring. If you listen closely, it sounds like the low rumble of an engine. Cats purr when they are feeling happy or content. Your kitty may snuggle up in your arms, purring away to let you know that he feels safe and secure.