You and your family have just sold your house and are getting ready to move somewhere else. You’ve packed up all your boxes and the moving truck has almost arrived. You’ve also packed all the supplies your pet cat will need to adjust to his new home. Over the past few days you’ve noticed that your cats have seemed terrified, hiding in every possible corner fearful to come out. Well, this is natural. Moving is extremely traumatic for cats. Since cats are creatures of habit, they strongly dislike change. Even moving your indoor cat cages to a new corner in the living room could cause your cat to become alarmed.

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Now that you are moving to a new home, your cat seems absolutely petrified by all the activity, packing and upheaval of furniture. Unfortunately, without careful planning on your part, your pet cat may become a little terror as soon as you move into your new house. Anxiety and change can cause your cats to start spraying indoors, clawing furniture or soiling in the house. Obviously, you need to help your cats work through these issues BEFORE turning his world upside down. So what can you do to help your kitty stay calm? Here are a few tips:

Moving with Your Cats

  1. Reassure Your Cat. If your kitty starts acting frightened as you are moving the kitchen table out, take some time to reassure him that everything is okay. Talk softly to your cats, gently stroking their fur. Your calmness and assurance will help them realize nothing terrible is going to happen.
  2. Keep Things as Normal as Possible. Try to avoid excessive shouting or noise, as this will scare your cats or kitty even more. It is also a good idea to leave your indoor cat cages and cat trees in the same place for a while. Move these items at the very last minute. Don’t pack up the indoor cat cages and think your pet will sleep happily in a cardboard box all night—he won’t.
  3. Take Your Kitty to the New House Before Moving In. Cats are leery of anyone or any place that is new and unfamiliar. It takes them time to adjust. Your pet cat likes his environment just the way it has always been. Change is difficult—but not impossible for cats. By introducing your pet cat to your new home in advance, you will establish some sort of familiarity with him. So everything won’t be completely new the day you move in.
  4. Offer Your Cats Treats. When bringing your cats over to the new house for a visit, gently walk them through each room. Let your cats sniff the walls and carpet. Offer them treats as they do this to reassure them everything is okay.

With a little bit of work, your pet cat will adjust smoothly and quickly to his new home. Additionally, as soon as you move in the first thing you should do is set up your indoor cat cages and cat trees. Your cat is attached to these items and will be happy to see them again. They will make him feel a little more safe and secure.