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Chameleon Enclosures
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If you are a nature lover, the chameleon lizard may be right up your alley. These lizards live exclusively in trees and thrive in areas with lots of foliage. Keep this in mind as you set up your chameleon enclosures or Chinese water dragon cage. Try to make your pet feel at home in his chameleon tank or dragon cage.

If you fill your chameleon enclosures with lots of sand, rocks and a few logs, your pet will not be very happy. Chameleon enclosures or a chameleon tank need to look more like a great forest.

Setting Up your Chameleon Enclosures

the first place, these lizards are arboreal. They love the trees. In the wild, that’s pretty much the only place they live. As a result, try to fill your chameleon enclosures or a chameleon tank with plenty of foliage. Bushes, tree limbs, and leaves will make your pet feel right at home. If you prefer to use fake instead of real foliage, check out Custom Cages. They offer a number of cage accessories which can help you spice up your dragon cage or chameleon enclosures. You can order cypress roots, moss, assorted plants and assorted vines. These are ideal for every chameleon tank or dragon cage.

You can add extra foliage to your Chinese water dragon cage or chameleon enclosures by cutting branches from trees in your back yard. However, be sure to remove these from your cage once they turn brown and die.

Chameleons are very private creatures who need plenty of hiding places and privacy. They dislike being handled, so limit the number of times you remove them from their chameleon enclosures or Chinese water dragon cage. Excessive handling will cause your pet to stress out and possibly even become ill. If you are purchasing a chameleon, the best thing is to set up a leafy habitat…then sit back and enjoy watching your pet in his chameleon tank.

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