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All reptiles need access to plenty of light and warmth. Ideally, your pet should be able to soak up some natural rays of sunlight on a regular basis. Since this is not always possible, full spectrum UV lighting is an important component for your chameleon tank or Chinese water dragon cage. If you utilize both methods, your pet will be guaranteed to receive all the lighting he needs to stay healthy and happy.

Sunlight is full of Vitamin D and other minerals. If you watch your pet in his chameleon tank or dragon cage, you will notice that he naturally gravitates towards any sun that shines through his gecko cage. Try placing your chameleon tank or gecko cage close to a large window. This will enable the sunlight to come through and penetrate your dragon cage or Chinese water dragon cage. Your pet will be ecstatic with this source of light. Watch how he crawls right over to it, basking in the warm sun.

Illuminating Your Chameleon Tank

While light fixtures and florescent bulbs are an important part of your chameleon tank or gecko cage, you may be worried that they will be an eye sore. This is a valid concern. But there are ways to work around this. If you purchase your chameleon tank or dragon cage through Custom Cages, you can order a custom-made hood. The hood is designed from the same material as the frame of your Chinese water dragon cage. It will give your cage a finished appearance. Best of all, a hood will hide any unsightly wire fixtures. So you won’t have to worry about a mess of metal and wire ruining your stunning chameleon tank.

If you decide to purchase a hood, you may want to throw in a stand. Stands also have their benefits. They will elevate your gecko cage or dragon cage to eye level, which will make it easier to see your pet. You can store supplies and food underneath the stand. So you will have easy access to everything you need.

At Custom Cages, we’ve thought of everything to make your reptile–keeping hobby as satisfying as possible. Our expert design team and staff work tirelessly to perfect our systems and continually improve our products.

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