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Cockatoo Cage

Cockatoos are loving, docile and affectionate birds. But don’t let that fool you into thinking you don’t need a sturdy cockatoo cage. Cockatoos have powerful beaks that can do some heavy-duty damage. As a result, you need a sturdy frame, panels and door for your cockatoo cage.

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The Hybrid birdcages are made out of a rock-solid ionized aluminum frame that is unbendable and unbreakable. This sturdy frame also protects the cage frame from wood chewing.

When it comes to panels, there are 3 basic types of material you can choose from. These include:

1. Stainless Steel. Stainless steel panels are durable and great for climbing. However, you want to be sure your cockatoo cage is made with the proper wire size. If the gauge is too thin, your parrot may happily flex and bed the panels.

2. Glass. While exceptionally beautifully, glass panels should be chosen with care, especially for a cockatoo cage. If your bird has a pecking fit, or if you slam the door too hard, the glass could potentially shatter. These types of panels are a better fit for a canary cage or finch cage, as these birds are exceptionally small and can do little damage.

3. Acrylic. Acrylic panels can give your cockatoo cage the same look as a glass bird cage without the potential danger. The acrylic used by Cages by Design is five times sturdier than glass. It is hard to scratch, gouge and almost impossible to break.

Designing the Perfect Cockatoo Cage

One of the great things about ordering from Cage by Design is you can custom design your cockatoo cage. You can choose a variety of material for different functions. For example, you can choose stainless steel sides, an acrylic door and aluminum frame. You also have the option of different colors for the panels. Want a red, yellow or blue bird cage? No problem! Cages By Design offers you quality, choices and great products at a reasonable price.