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There is no question that the corn snake terrariums and python terrariums offered by Custom Cages are the best on the market. They are extremely popular with reptile and snake fans across the nation and have been featured in national magazines and TV shows.

Corn Snake Terrariums
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Why the Hybrid Reptile Cages Make Superior Corn Snake Terrariums

  • Custom cage experience. Our team has over a decade of experience building corn snake terrariums and boa enclosures. We know what we’re doing, which means you won’t have to waste time or money on mistakes.
  • Hand-crafted boa enclosures. All of our python terrariums and corn snake terrariums are hand-crafted in our Wisconsin-based woodworking facility.
  • All the material for our boa constrictor cages and boa enclosures comes straight from the USA. This means our snake terrariums have the highest quality.
  • Customizable corn snake terrariums and boa enclosures. We can make your boa constrictor cages to suit your preferences exactly. We are confident in our ability to produce even the most complicated or unique design. So ask away!
  • Made from durable, pet-safe material. We’ve spent thousands of hours researching and testing the best type of material for corn snake terrariums and boa enclosures. Each cage comes standard with acrylic front and sides and laminate back. You won’t find corn snake terrariums of this quality anywhere else in the industry.

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