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Corner bird enclosures are a great way to conserve space, especially if you have a small home or apartment. These enclosures can slip into a small spot out of everyone’s way. The Majestic corner cages by Custom Cages offer you the most value for every dollar you spend and are unique in several ways. Here’s how:

Corner Bird Enclosures
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  1. They are collapsible. While nearly every corner bird enclosure is appealing, not all of them are easy to move around. Depending on the size, a corner bird cage can be difficult to transport when it is still assembled. Unfortunately, the average bird enclosure does not come apart, making it extremely difficult to fit the large bird cage through doorways. This is NEVER an issue when you purchase a corner bird enclosure from Custom Cages. Our enclosures can be easily disassembled for smooth transportation. This is a feature the majority of our competition does not have!
  2. Outstanding Viewing System. Because a corner bird enclosure has so many sides, it can be difficult to get a good view of your pet as he sits inside his large birdcage. The Majestic enclosure is carefully designed to allow you to have a great view of your parrot at all times. Our viewing system is better than any other bird cage on the market.

Corner Bird Enclosures From An Experienced Company

When shopping for a bird cage, you can’t find a more reliable company than Custom Cages. We are committed to making high-quality bird cages, including corner bird cages for your feathered friends.

We pride ourselves on not only being highly experienced but also offering our customers a variety of options when it comes to customizing their corner bird enclosures. You can choose to have your corner cages stained with one of four colors. This includes natural oak, colonial oak, dark walnut, and autumn cherry.

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