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You’ve decided to purchase a special birthday gift for your brother who lives across town. You know he is a huge reptile fan and has been raising these pets for dozens of years. However, you’re convinced that it’s time for him to get serious about his hobby and start utilizing some big cages. You determine that a custom cage would be ideal, as it is so versatile.

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However, you run into a snag. Your brother owns an extremely small house with little floor space. In fact, it’s pretty crowded already. Where in the world would there be room for a large custom cage or any type of big cages?

A corner cage may be the perfect option.

Conserve Space with a Corner Cage

A corner reptile cage is the ideal option when you are working with limited space. This type of custom cage takes up far less room than some of the big cages on the market. If you order a Majestic reptile cage from Custom Cages, you can specify how large you would like your corner cage to be. Here are some more features of the Majestic corner cage:

  1. They disassemble. It is extremely rare to find a corner reptile cage that actually comes apart. And it’s a huge advantage. If you ever wanted to move your custom cage or big cages, you can do so with little difficulty.
  2. You can add lots of accessories. When you purchase a corner cage or custom cage you have the option of including a number of decorative features. For example, you can choose to add legs to your big cages. Or you may want to include a divider to separate two warring lizards.
  3. Pull out floor. This makes cleaning your corner cage a snap. The floor easily pops out. You clean it and place it back inside your custom cage.