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If you are a herp enthusiast, no doubt you really love your pets. You enjoy playing with them, feeding them and interacting with them. They are your companions and friends—maybe the best ones you have. You have countless hours of fun together. And taking care of your pets is on the top of your priority list. The first step in taking good care of your reptiles is to make sure they have corner cages or furniture reptile cages that are spacious and well-ventilated. It is also important that your wood cage or furniture reptile cage is protected from moisture and extreme temperatures.

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As you can see, choosing the best corner cages is an important task. The health, happiness and well being of your pets depend on it. It’s critical to understand that just because you are housing reptiles, doesn’t mean you can get away with shabby corner cages. Items like shoe boxes or a make-shift wood reptile cage will never do. Instead, you need custom cages that are designed to keep your reptile in the best of health.

Corner Cages For Maximum Health and Longevity

Lets face it. The better you care for your pet, the longer he will live. The key to your pet’s health starts with a top notch wood reptile cage or furniture reptile cage. If this is the type of wood cage you care looking for, the Majestic cages from Custom Cages are your best option. These furniture reptile cages have two primary benefits.

#1. They are designed to keep your reptiles healthy and strong. The doors on these corner cages can be securely locked, which will prevent your pet from escaping. The interior of every wood cage is lined with aluminum to protect against moisture. They are also spacious in order to provide your pet enough room to move around.

#2. They are carefully handcrafted for a unique furniture-like appearance. These furniture reptile cages and corner cages can be made from various different types of wood. They can be painted with different stains and they can be customized in any way you specify.