Covid-19 | Custom Cages

Custom Cages is open for business!

UPDATE: Because of the CARES ACT stimulus checks we have had an increase in orders and expect that trend to continue. We encourage anyone contemplating placing an order to finalize it as soon as possible so that it will be placed into the production queue as soon as possible and avoid longer delays.

The state of Wisconsin had in place a “safer at home” order that had temporarily affected Custom Cages production at the onset of the crisis. The order has been lifted and we have resumed manufacturing operations as close to full capacity as we can do safely. We have worked through most of the backlog created by the order and are now working hard towards getting back to normal lead times. However, we still have a little way to go in order to achieve this.

Currently, most product lines are about 2-4 weeks behind the normally posted lead time. This can vary case by case depending on the product line and complexity of the order. We are getting closer and closer to “caught up” with every week that goes by. This being said- we have experienced a sharp increase in orders in recent weeks in part because of the CARES ACT stimulus checks. So, we do encourage getting your order finalized and, in the queue, the quicker the better in order to ensure your lead time does not get prolonged from this surge in orders. If this continues, our lead times will likely get longer again.

Our sales staff is still working from home and are eagerly awaiting your call to help configure and place your order! The phone system that we have put in place to manage phone calls remotely is not as quick as the office system, so please be patient with us if you get a recorded message. It does not mean that we are closed! Customer service representatives will respond just as soon as they are able. We strongly encourage you to leave a voicemail or send an email if you don’t immediately reach someone- often our reps are on the phone for long periods of time helping customers configure orders.

We have been asked by some customers contemplating an order, if Custom Cages will survive this crisis… The answer is an emphatic Yes! We have been in business for over 21 years and have learned from other economic downturns. We are prepared for this! Covid-19 will prove to be just one step back in our relentless march forward. We have recently expanded our facility by 17,000 s.f., have excellent production, customer service and management teams in place, and have a lot of new products and features ready to roll out very soon. We are not going anywhere. We will all get through this together, and greatly appreciate your understanding that we… like you… are being affected by this crisis.

We thank you for your support!

– The Custom Cages Team

* Priority and Rush orders are placed into production ahead of standard orders. These terms do not describe the shipping service used.