Decorative Bird Cage from Custom Cages

When it comes to purchasing wholesale birdcages for your pet store, or simply parrot cages for your museum, what are some thoughts that come to mind?

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Here are a few ideas:

  • Obviously you want birdcages that are attractive. A decorative birdcage would be perfect.
  • You want a birdcage that is lightweight and doesn’t take 6 guys to move.
  • You want a bird cage that is pleasant for the parrot.

A Decorative Bird Cage to Fit Every Need…

A decorative birdcage will sell better than one that simply looks like a pile of wire mesh. It will also attract more attention at a museum, circus or festival. So when it comes to finding wholesale birdcages or decorative birdcages, Custom Cages is the best place to order. They offer a variety of decorative birdcages, each possessing a unique, furniture-like appearance. These birdcages can also be fitted with their own set of wheels, making them extremely mobile. In addition, each birdcage is designed with the parrot’s needs and comfort in mind.

Custom Cages’s unique line of products include:

  • The Majestic Birdcages: With a variety of stunning finishes, these bird cages define decorative. Hoods, stands, and eye-catching backgrounds only add to their overall elegance.
  • The Suncatcher Bird Cages: These delightful aviaries are roomy and attractive. The removable floor makes them adaptable to either indoors or outdoors.
  • Hybrid Bird Cages: This brand has a whole line of decorative bird cages that are exceptionally large. Some of these big bird cages are roomy enough to house multiple birds, but still light-weight enough to easily haul around.

As a store owner, zoo keeper, museum owner or circus director you’ll be proud to display these cages in your place of business. In fact, Custom Cages has successfully outfitted numerous commercial businesses with bird enclosures. They even partnered with Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo and installed new cages for the entire facility.