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Taylor: I personally have no idea how to make this video even sound slightly interesting, but I personally had a lot of fun filming it. I can’t find an appealing title in my head that would make someone who’s not avidly interested in snakes click it. I guess this is only for my avidly loving snake fans, hi. I try to make my videos sound fun and entertaining even to people who don’t personally care about owning snakes and things like that depending on whatever the topic may be.

I try to make it fun and entertaining even if you don’t care about that stuff, but I have no clue how to title a video about me redecorating a snake cage to make it sound interesting other than to people interested in snakes. Thanks for clicking on the video if for some reason you’re not actually interested in snakes and you decided to give it a chance anyway. I appreciate it.

In this video today, I am upgrading my Sumatran Short Tail Python, Duck. I choose really good names. I’m upgrading her cage from her tub into a bigger vision cage not because she couldn’t live in a tub her whole life but because the tub she was in she couldn’t live in her whole life. I don’t want to go right now and get a whole new tub set that are deeper and bigger. I just don’t have enough snakes right now that need the upgrade.

In the future, I might very well get bigger racks but right now I don’t need them. Basically, we’re just moving her into a vision cage. I had to scrunch them into my closet somehow but I did it. So today, you’re going to be watching me take Duck from a little cramped tub to a big, spacious vision cage that she will surely only use 33% of, I don’t know why that was the number I chose, but she’s definitely not going to be running around the– She has no feet, she can’t run, wiggling around the cage 24/7.

She’s going to hide in the hides 99% of the time, but she still needed more space to sit because she is fat. Sumatran Short Tails and just any short tail pythons in general tend to be very chubbier, bulkier snakes. They’re ground-dwelling snakes, they just sit there a lot. They don’t need to have a lean body. They get very chubby, and they’re known to get obese if you let it go too far. I have to watch her diet.

Yes, I watch her diet. I make sure she’s good and healthy and she’s at a very good weight because I could still see her spine but it’s not overly noticeable and that’s when you know if your short tail is at a decent weight. If you can’t see their spine at all, they might be a little chubby. She’s gotten way too big for her tub. I literally had to take– I used to have two hides in there, I had to swap it out for just one hide because she was getting too big for the hides.

It got too small. She’s big now. She has a whole lot more growing to do because they do get very big. I can still hold her really easily and balance her on one hand. When she’s an adult, I definitely won’t be able to do that. So thank you for clicking on this video, and I hope you guys enjoy me giving her a cool upgrade. Let’s get to the video.

Okay, I just want to let you guys know that this footage that you’re about to see is the very first time I ever did anything with this new camera, so for the first few minutes the audio is a little off and the focus just might not be amazing because I was still learning how to work it, so give me a break on this video, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing with my new camera. [chuckles] Thank you.

These are from my old house and they’re a little bit gross and need to be cleaned up a bit so we’re going to do that. The bottom one doesn’t even have the doors on. We’re going to do that real quick and get this all fixed up and ready for my little friends. I feel like that lady from Powerpuff Girls. Is that even the right show? I think it is. The cartoon where the lady never has a head.

Speaker 1: That reminds me, girls where on earth did you come up with a million dollars for the ransom?

Speaker 2: It wasn’t really a million dollars.

Speaker 3: It was the mayor’s dirty laundry.

Taylor: Yes, I’m thinking of the right one. We’re going to start with this bottom one, and we’re going to give it doors. Look at me, I am a– I was about to say a mechanic, I am a builder, construction– What am I trying to say? There’s a spider web in it. Please hold, oh God, Fluker’s super scrub, brush included. That is a dirty brush. That’s disgusting. Don’t you all love that I have this new, nice camera to show you how disgusting this brush is?

Spider web where are you? Is there a spider in here? I like spiders and all, I do. What I don’t like is when spiders surprise me like if I’m just sticking my head in a hole and it jumps on my face, I’m not going to like it. Let’s start with a towel. It’s clean. That was my attempt to swat the spider down in a hopefully non-killing way. We do not support animal abuse on this channel including the whacking of wild spiders, save your fellow spiders.

Taylor: Cute.

Taylor: Extra cute.

Taylor: Radiating cuteness. Oh my God, is it our of focus? There we go. I was going to say I did not buy this new camera for it to be out of focus. Focus is on point.

I’m just going to become a channel that only talks with my hands, not sign language just weird hand movements, where I tell you guys this is what is going on here, I’m going to be cleaning the snake cage. I’m never going to show my face again just my hands so we can talk like this, okay? Okay.

I am sober ladies and gentleman, don’t worry. Why does it look like I have ketchup right there? Now that I’ve cleaned it with actual cleaner, now I’m going to just spray it down with some water, make sure I got everything. Only the best for my snakes, all right. Spic and span. Now we’re going to put the windowed doors things on. Actually maybe I should clean them first. They’re a little gross so one second. I forgot to use the spray really quick so I’m going to spray it down with water one more time. I should put a bra on because I’m filming but I’m not going to.

I’m just going to make it really awkward by pointing that out while I keep filming. Thanks for watching mom. Let’s see if we can get some cool high definition shots of this with my new fancy camera. Just trying to use my camera to its fullest benefit since my last camera’s auto-focus feature was trash. Subscribe to this channel to watch me clean glass. I almost got in a career of window cleaning but then I was like, “You know what, instead of window cleaning, I want to make videos about animals on YouTube for a career.” Looks clean enough. It’s a little icky right there but clean enough.

I don’t have the patience honestly. I’m too excited to set this up. Now, this goes on the inside one which is hard to do. Just kidding, that was really easy. Now to clean this other one. Let’s speed this up.

Taylor: Clean enough. Again, too anxious to get started. It does look like there’s a few little scratches but you can’t really see it so that’s fine. There’s few little scratches. It’s okay. Let’s set up the inside. What do you think, Ghost? Hey, Ghost look into the camera and show them how beautiful you are. No, you looked everywhere but the camera, Ghost. Ghost, look in the camera. All right, trying to use him to show you guys how nice the quality of this camera was but it’s fine. Let’s go back to this bad lighting.

I feel like I act a little too weird sometimes, and it’s like, “Is she actually sober?” You know what, I have a necklace with my sobriety date on it. This is illegal to own unless you’re sober. First thing we’re going to do is fill this up with forest floor and then I’m going to get a little bit of eco earth, and then we’re going to mix it all together and we know we got the best boat. Forest floor is my go-to substrate. I love it. We’re just going to rip a hole in the bag like this so it could spill everywhere. We’re going to pour in.

Taylor: Then we’re going to leave it just like a pile and put the snake in. Just kidding, I’m so funny. Taylor is hilarious.

Taylor: All right, so now I’m going to get some eco earth from the garage. Mission accomplished, make a little area for the water bowl. One thing I just realized I don’t have is the heat pad. Let’s just pretend for this editing purpose where you see set up a snake enclosure, that this half has a heat pad under it because they should have half a side where they can get warmth, and then they slither on over here and half a side they can get cool, got it?

Typically you want to put the heat pad on the side the water bowl is not on because then the water bowl will just evaporate and that’s annoying and a waste of water. We’re trying to save the planet here people. We have an extra lard, lard, we have an extra-large hide that we’re going to put on one of the sides. So she can have some extra room because her height is starting to get a little cramped, starting to run a little low on room in there.

You should probably not be cleaning with the same towels I bathe with. I need to make a note that this towel was no longer safe. We’re going to put it on this side, hopefully, you all can see in there. Again, I’m using really crappy lighting but I’m trying. All right. All right, now I’m going to go look at her cage. I’m going to go ahead and show it to you now so I can go ahead and start taking it apart for this. Got it, got it, got it. Good.

Here’s her lovely big– actually, you should probably move before I do this. This is her enormous cage. Literally, it’s going to take two seconds to do this marvelous cage tour. We have a hide, some leaves, wood, and a bowl. The end. It’s obviously way too small and I’m just uncomfortable with it. Ever since I had to take her hideout, I’ve been really uncomfortable leaving her here so now we’re going to upgrade her. All right? All right.

That was the cage door. I hope you guys enjoyed, I hope you didn’t fall asleep because of how long it was. Nemo, no, no, no, no, no. Back it. No, no, no, no, no, no. Thank you. Anyway, cats are a little rambunctious today. Next up, let’s fill her cage with goodies, shall we?

Taylor: What is your problem? What is he doing? Help. [laughs] Nice to meet you, sir. We’re making progress. It’s kind of hard to see. I’m going to go dig around right now in my garage and see if I have any spare supplies but I want to put stuff in the center. The water bowl is going to go here but I just want some more wood in like enrichment. I don’t want to just to be like going from hide to hide to hide to hide to water bowl. You know that’s generally most snake does. Some snakes like colubrid and stuff are much more rambunctious and like to explore.

These completely flat, chunky, floor dwelling pythons like short tail pythons where they’re like super prone to obesity, they just don’t move much so there really isn’t too much she needs other than a good place to hide because she does get pretty hefty. I still just aesthetically pleasing even at the least just to make it look pretty. I want it to be more. No. Oh my god. Looks like my cats can’t stay in here. Not cool. Now, I got that bowl in there, I definitely want to upgrade the bowl though so I’m going to look for bigger bowl. No, no, no, no, Nemo, no, no, no, no.

I like to make the area around the bowl have less substrate than the rest of the cage so the substrate doesn’t get carried into the bowl as much so I make it really thin around the bowl and then spread out the rest and make it deeper everywhere else.

I’m going to go dig around in my garage and see if we could find any treats to put in here. If not, I’m going to put some moss in there and call it a day until I go get more supplies. You’d imagine in all of this which is 99.7% animal supplies, you would imagine that there’s enough to fill a snake cage but I don’t know maybe stuff over there, maybe possibly.

Maybe but can I reach it is the real question.

Hey, trash can you still work? You do. Okay, that’s enough. Maybe. Oh god, it’s fine. It’s cool. I’ll go clean this stuff. I’m not doing it. Okay. [unintelligible 00:13:34] Oh my god. Let’s decontaminate these things, shall we? I’m pretty sure the only way to do this is by boiling it.

Taylor: They were out there for a few months but they were in a tub that was air sealed so there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s no mold on them or weird animals or bugs or anything. We are all good in the hood. Now, we’re going to try to put them in my snakes hood.

Is this for the smaller one? Hold on, I think this fits on a smaller one so I could leave something for my ball python. I could prop it upright, I think I might like it in there so we’re going to leave it in there. What we have so far is a hide, some leaves, some wood that she can climb on. There’s a branch back there and a branch right here. She can climb on it, she won’t though. She won’t. Another hide that’s a little deeper on the cool side of her cage and her smallish water bowl, she can still fit in it but it’s like it’s pushing.

Taylor: I think she’s going to really like that hide. With this space right here, I just want to put fake plants or something and maybe some fake plants right here. I’m going to go see one last time if I could find anything. I ended up finding some fake plants to put there and then a little fake plants put over here that’s pretty cute. I feel like we’re good. She has some floor space to chill, a hide, a hide, cute little plants that she could hide under.

Bowl that needs to be bigger, branches that she could climb on and hide behind and another cute little– What is that noise? I feel like we’re good here. I feel like it’s time to let her in. I really wish I could show you a full thing of the cage instead of half at a time. I want to do a full shot of the cage but I have to take the glass off. I mean it’s a little easier to see. Can you all see it now? Kind of. Bindi’s cage is glaring but you can see it.

With my nice new camera, I wanted to show you all a pretty cage tour. Do not think about jumping– Nemo? No, hands-off son. I love you. You’re so cute. I forgot to add the moss. Done. I’m so funny. Please, thumbs this video up. Nemo, do not think about going in there.

Taylor: We’re going to slide her in and I 100% bet that she’s going to go to one of the two hides. Which one do you think she’ll pick? I don’t know. Vote now in the comments section. Just kidding. Just watch. Hi, huffy. Here’s my huffy, huffy. I love you, you’re so pretty. She used to be very aggressive so she’s gotten really, really good with me. Anytime I used to open her cage, she would just go for me.

She luckily has never bitten me so I never had to experience her real wrath. Let’s get her in there. This is what she looks like right now, her size. This is her size right now. She’s still relatively pretty dang small compared to what she’s going to be. I’m going to let her find her way. There we go.

Taylor: She actually– she played me here. She did not go into one of the hides, she went directly next to the hide and she’s just hanging. Cool. I guess she’s comfy. What is she doing? She’s literally just staying this way. Can she move? [inaudible 00:17:15], get to move in. This is what I meant by they’re really lazy and they don’t do much. She just got her face in there and was like, “I’m good.” I don’t really know where she’s going. She’s way back there. She has her head poking out back there.

Hi, you got a lot more space now girly girl. I love you. If she does anything cool before I upload this like sit but in a different direction, I will update you guys. Would you like to own a big tube of flesh that consumes other flesh and has no appendages, it’s just a tube of fat that sometimes– sometimes it moves. This is exciting, guys. This is really remarkable. That light on here, look at that, it’s moving, the tube of flesh is moving. It stopped, it stopped moving.

All right, cool. Glad I got that whole cage ready for her so she could just sit there. I don’t know what I expected honestly. Now, I just do the thing where we lock it and I don’t really know where the key went but I’ll go find it. Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Cool.

Taylor: Before it was time to post this video, I did end up going out and buying a bigger water dish for Duck before the video came out so I decided I would show you guys. Here’s the actual cage now that it’s finished. It is really, really cool looking. The cage is super cool. There’s this dish that’s plenty big for her now and just a lot of accessories to make it look very pretty. Then a hide on the cool side and a hide on the warm side.

I did end up getting a heater. You just can’t see it because it’s under the cage, but it’s there and I believe she is somewhere in here. I just don’t know where. I heard her hiss earlier but I just don’t know where she is so she’s somewhere in here. See, I just heard it again and again. She’s back there. We just can’t really see her and I don’t want to pull her out because she looks comfy but the cage is just super cool now.

I’m really happy with the obvious improvement. It’s just wonderful. Anyways, I wish I could get at an angle where you all could see it really well but it’s a very cool cage. I’m very happy with it, 10 out of 10. Very happy. Cool. Good deal. All right.

I hope you guys enjoyed and if you didn’t, I’m sorry, I tried. Okay. On weeks that it’s kind of busy and hectic, I like to do videos where I just show you guys cage upgrades because it’s a task that I’m already going to be doing so I might as well film it, galaxy brain knowledge. I still have more snake videos I’m working on too that’ll be coming out soon. I think next week, there might be another snake video. Maybe possibly, but I might switch it up just to surprise you.

If you guys don’t know I do have a second channel that is for vlogs and my personal stuff and chats about addiction and mental health and I just started using it again I literally only have one video out right now, it’s right there. Go check that channel out if you’d like to talk about more personal stuff if you don’t want to just talk about snakes and animals with me.

I don’t know why I’m saying it like you’re going to talk back I think it’d be really weird, no offense, but like if I’m talking in the video and you’re just sitting there staring at your computer screen going like, “I really agree with that,” out loud. That just seems a little weird. If you want to watch more content that’s not just snakes and animals, feel free to go check out that other channel.

Thank you guys so much for subscribing- wait, no, I don’t know if you subscribed or not. Thank you guys so much for watching and if you’d like to subscribe go ahead and press the subscribe button. That’s how easy it works, you press the subscribe button, you press the notification bell so you actually know when I upload and then, yes, you’re part of the family that has no name.

A lot of YouTubers have names for their fans, I don’t know what to call you guys maybe one day I’ll come up with the name, but I doubt it. We’re like three years into this channel and I still don’t know what the hell to call you guys. Thank you guys so much for watching, I love you guys so much and I will see you next time or actually you’ll be seeing me but I will see you in the comments section, so technically I’ll kind of be seeing you.

I don’t know what I’m saying. I never have an outro I don’t have one of those slogans where I’m like, “See you later,” whatever. Goodbye, thanks. This video is over but I just want to remind you guys of my last video that you can go watch where I get a cute new little member of the family and then a video about a story of mine that’s very personal but very important to my channel so you can check those out there and you can subscribe if you’d like to subscribe. Yes, please click on one of these things. You’re clicking? Okay, click away. Bye.

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