Finch Aviary, Build Your Own Finch Aviary

There is nothing more enjoyable than raising and breeding finches. These delightful creatures are cheery, fun-loving and a joy to have around. They can fill your backyard with joyful singing and hours of pleasure. Just watching your birds in their finch aviary can keep you entertained for hours.

Finch Aviaries
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If you plan on keeping a colony of finches, an outdoor finch aviary is ideal. The fresh air will help keep your birds vigorous & strong. And the daily exercise will promote reproductive health and physical fitness.

Shopping for a Finch Aviary

The Suncatcher bird aviaries are perfect for finches and birds of various sizes. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and designs to suit your needs. If you only have a few birds, a small finch aviary may do just fine. You can set the bird enclosure on your porch or on a slab of cement nearby. By having the finch aviary this close to the house, you will be able to enjoy your birds’ morning songs and amusing antics from your kitchen or bedroom window.

If you are housing a whole colony of parrots, a large finch aviary is just the thing. These bird cages come in sizes as large as 12 feet. So there’s plenty of space for your birds to fly and nest. Sprawling garden aviaries will add a beautiful touch to your backyard. You can purchase dividers to separate breeding pairs if needed. Safety catches are also useful as they can keep your birds from escaping when you enter the finch aviary. And yes—this type of finch aviary is walk-in friendly. So you can skip inside and socialize with your bird’s right in their own habitat.