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Gecko Cage

As you set up your gecko cage or green iguana cages, no doubt you are pondering what your new pet will be like. One of the most important criterions is that your reptile be healthy. Here are 5 signs of a healthy reptile:

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1. Clear eyes. During your trip to the pet shop or the breeder’s, carefully observe the reptiles in their gecko cages or green iguana cages. The eyes should be bright and clear. There should be no discharge or cloudiness. Be sure to continue to observe your reptiles once you bring them home to their new gecko cage.

2. Clear nose. As you watch your pet sniff around and explore his iguana cage, check his nose periodically to make sure there is no odd discharge. The nostrils should be clear and have no crusty look to them.

3. Adequate weight. A healthy reptile should have adequate weight and not be too bony.

4. Healthy toes & feet. Be sure there are no missing toes or crustiness to the feet. If your pet has been raised in a clean gecko cage or iguana cages, this should not be an issue.

5. Alert & active. Your reptile should be perky and energetic. After bringing your pet home watch to see if he is curious about his new surroundings. If your pet shows an interest in his new gecko cage or iguana cage, this is a good sign.

A Gecko Cage That Will Keep Your Pet Healthy

Choosing the proper gecko cage or iguana cages for your pet is one of the most important factors affecting your pet’s health & longevity. It is important that your green iguana cages or iguana cages have plenty of ventilation and space for your pet to move around. Heat and lighting are also important. If you are looking for gecko cages that are well-made and well-suited for reptiles, check out Cages by Design. They offer a number of green iguana cages to suit every type of reptile. Each gecko cage is sturdy and well-made. In fact, all our gecko cages are handcrafted in our state-of-the-art wood working facility in Wisconsin. And all our material for our iguana cages comes straight from the USA.