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Glass Reptile Cages
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Glass reptile cages are a lovely addition to any home. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to these reptile cages you should be aware of.

Advantage: Glass reptile cages have an extremely upscale look. If you own a high-class home, glass reptile cages may be perfect. If you purchase an oak or cherry reptile cage with glass panels, the combination can be striking.

Disadvantage: While it is true that glass reptile cages are extremely upscale, they also cost more. If you are committed to furnishing your cherry or oak reptile cage with glass panels, be prepared to spend a little extra money.

More Advantages & Disadvantages to Glass Reptile Cages

Advantage: Easy to clean. Glass reptile cages have a smooth, clear surface which makes them effortless to clean and disinfect.

Disadvantage: Glass breaks easier than acrylic or stainless steel. If you plan on purchasing glass reptile cages, do a little thinking first. Do you have kids? If so, make sure they do not throw a toy or object and accidentally shatter your glass reptile cages. This could be hazardous for both you and your pet. If your wooden reptile cage panels shatter, your pet could become injured, or escape from his reptile cage.

Deciding whether or not to purchase glass reptile cages is really up to you. If you are prepared to exercise a few precautions, this type of reptile cage can be quite rewarding.

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