Greenwing Cages, Build Your Own Greenwing Macaw Cage

One thing about greenwing cages is that they are exceptionally large. Actually they’re huge. But that’s understandable. After all, a green wing macaw can reach a length of 36 inches. And their wingspan can extend as far as 49 inches.

Greenwing Cages
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It goes without saying that cockatoo cages and toucan cages are simply too small to house this gigantic parrot. A large macaw cage is definitely in order.

When choosing greenwing cages, one question that comes to mind is this: should your parrot cages be placed inside or outside? It can be hard to decide. On one hand you want your birdcages indoors so you can see your macaws all the time. But on the other hand, those greenwing cages sure take up a lot of space.

A Happy Medium for Your Greenwing Cages

If you can’t decide, why not purchase birdcages that can serve either purpose. The Suncatcher bird aviaries have a removable floor, which enables them to serve as either an indoor avairy or an outside birdcage.

The suncatcher aviaries also make ideal greenwing cages. They are manufactured using sturdy iron tubing and tough stainless steel. While most of these aviaries are made with 12 gauge wire, you can request 8 gauge heavy duty wire for your greenwing cages. It’s important to keep in mind that macaws have extremely powerful beaks, so you will need extremely sturdy greenwing cages. Each panel is attached with heavy-duty hinges, instead of hot rings, which intelligent birds (such as the greenwing macaw) can easily remove.

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