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Hey, guys. Before this video starts, I just want to say a huge thank you to customcages.com again for getting me access to the vision cages before they were even fully released. It’s just been amazing. First off, they did all my other cages too. Second off, they let me get this amazing, amazing monitor enclosure that I’m about to be showing you guys, so anyways thank you again to customcages.com. If you’re looking for any kind of cage really, they have something for everyone and they’re super awesome and beautiful, so check them out, thank you. Hey guys, what is up. Welcome to a very important video, the last of my monitor upgrading series.

I could just cut to the footage of my monitor and the new enclosure, but I did want to address something I’ve already addressed, but I want to reiterate really, and this is a perfect video to do it. We all know what happened with my monitor was really crappy. At least the people who know about the story know it was crappy. If you guys don’t know, basically, I impulse bought him, not that I wasn’t prepared to take care of him his whole life, but there was so little that I actually knew about his species, so I impulse bought.

Which honestly if I wasn’t on YouTube, it wouldn’t be that insanely huge of a deal for me because I have the money and the means to give him what he needs now that I brought him home, but the fact that I am so big on YouTube, not so big, but the fact that I am someone on YouTube that people look up to, it was really crappy. It was really crappy for me to do because it showed children that they could just go buy an animal and figure it out, and I don’t want that to be my message on here. Again, I really apologize for that situation, but I’m giving him what he needs now. What’s important is I learned from it and I’m not going to do it again.

Some people who still hold that over me, I hope you understand that I understand my mistake and I’m not going to do it again and that the only animals I’m ever going to buy are ones that I am fully understanding of. I’m not going to go buy any animal that looks cute, then bring it home and figure it out. I’m going to do my research. I’m going to do extensive research, then go out and look for them. Just wanted to say that and I do also want to say that he’s doing amazing. He has so much energy now that he’s in this new closure. It’s wonderful, we’re leash training him and I have some of that footage in this video.

I hope you guys enjoy this footage, then we can come sit back down afterwards and talk a little more, okay? Let’s go. See, this guy is a nicer species of monitors.

Hey, guys and welcome to another video.

Hey, guys, what’s up. How are you doing today?

All right, so all of my parts have come for my monitor’s enclosure, except the bowl because I guess I accidentally- I meant to order the largest bowl, which was like four feet wide, and somehow I ordered this. This is not four feet. What? My monitor’s toe can’t even fit in that.

All right, so I’m still waiting on the water bowl, which is going to be a huge part of this because he’s going to get a giant pool, but ignore the mess, it’s a little crazy in here, this is what I have so far. I love it. I think it’s so, so cool. I’m going to be adding some more plants, so I think I’m going to hold off on uploading this until it’s completely done. Got a lot of stepping stones. I still have one extra one that I might be putting in here somewhere. I’m so stoked with how this is coming out. It’s so cool, but I’m still working on it., so this is just an update.

Missy Elliot:
What’s up you all.

Speaker 1:

Of course, this is my crib. Now, we in the inside the inside. The marble floors, the marble steps. Right here is another sitting area. This is like my Cinnabon pretzel chair. This is like another sitting area. You got your mirror, blinds, a nice little swivel rug.

You see a lot of Greek people around. They think they on a new beach. You about to go into the kitchen. I don’t cook, I don’t do nothing, I just do music. This milk so old. I won’t advise none of you all to drink this. While you sitting down at the table, you can look at the fish tank. This fish right here got on lipstick. That’s the raccoon.

All right, so now I’m just going to do a quick run over of the whole tank so you guys can just get an idea of everything that went into it. First off, it is a 363-gallon tank, I believe to be exact. I’m not exactly positive on that last number, but it’s at least 360 gallons. Over here we have three stepping stones all drilled into the back wall, then we have one basking light right here, then we have, it’s harder to see, but some accessories that hang from the top. This just gives it a more like jungley vibe, makes it look more cool even though he’s from Asia, but still. Then we have, which is not fun to clean, but obviously, he likes to get it very dirty very fast.

He’s, actually, sitting under this right now, so that’s why he’s not present, but this is his watering dish. He loves it insanely. I have to clean it probably once every one to two day because he poops in it, he just loves it. They love water, so he loves this. Then we have another little tiny hide that he can run around and really that’s all it is. Then we have behind this, a little spot for him to crawl to dig under this because they do like to dig. All right. The other side is this log that he can climb on and sit and perch. It’s resting against a Y-shaped log, so it’s like a little tree, and then I added some vines right here to make it look even more like, I don’t know, like the freaking- like a tree.

Then we have a hide right here for him to hide in. This is his only hide in the tank other than places he can dig and burrow. You don’t want to supply them with too many hides. You don’t want to supply him with too many hides because then he will be antisocial. Then this is his little food dish, which I clean out every day. Wood, wood, wood, and wood, and then another two stepping stones and a basking spot. That light actually needs to be replaced. It broke today, so I put in a temporary, just a day lamp. It’s nowhere near as hot as I’d like it to be, so for today, that’s his only real basking spot, but that’s okay. Then we also have some cage liners right here.

This is so when he burrows and digs, he doesn’t throw the dirt out of his cage because that makes it really hard to close when the dirt gets caught in the lining of the cage. That’s the footage that I got. This is another thing, another disclaimer that I wanted to be in this video that I found very important to put in this video. Something that I may have not told people or stressed enough in my old videos. In a lot of videos and pictures, I portray Kronos as a super cute funny lizard, which he is. He’s adorable in my opinion. He’s hilarious. He does funny things.

He shakes mice to death that are already dead for a good 30 minutes, but they’re dead. He’s very funny and he’s very fun to own, but I do want to stress this just for parents that are watching and kids or really anyone that may not know much about monitors, but look at mine and then think, “Oh my god, I want to own one.” Monitors are actually potentially very dangerous. When they get bigger if you have not extensively made them friendly with you, if you have not worked with them basically every day and made them okay with being interactive with you, they can potentially really, really hurt you, family members or your other pets when they’re older.

I work with Kronos every single day that I am here. I put him on his harness, I take him out, and we sit on the couch or we walk around together. Some days I go up to an hour or an hour and a half. Minimum, I make sure I do 30 minutes where he sits with me, he’s around me, he’s near me because as I’m learning more about monitors, I’m learning that they, of course, would prefer, like most reptiles, to just not be around humans if they can avoid it, so if you leave them in their enclosure, let them grow and not bring them out with you, they’ll become very territorial.

They could whip you in the face, literally rip you open with their claws depending on the species and how big they get, bite you incredibly hard. They can be extremely dangerous. Now, of course, mine is a roughneck monitor, which does stay relatively small in comparison to other monitors, but even him, at this age, when I take him out to put on his harness, he gives me what he’s feeling. I need to get gloves obviously. He’s actually extremely tame once I get him out. He’s super calm, he sits with me, he’s doing really good. He does amazing on a harness, will follow me around everything.

He is good and I think we’re on the road to the right thing. When he’s older, that he is going to tolerate me just fine, but I just wanted to stress this to people that may be interested in a monitor because they are potentially dangerous animals. I just wanted to stress that that yes, even though I do portray him as cute and loving and I’m going to continue to do that, that it’s probably pretty important that I start warning you guys that they can be very, very vicious.

That is the video and I hope you guys enjoyed. I debated making this two different videos, one where I talk about the dangers of the monitor and one where I do the cage, but I wanted to make sure that everyone watching this cage build got the message that they’re not always the friendliest, so I did combine the videos. I know it was really lengthy and probably way too chatty, but, hopefully, I edited it down an okay amount, but I don’t know. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the new cage, and enjoyed watching me build it and the progress, and his journey to this cage because it was a long one. I had him in like a 30 gallon when we started and now he’s in a 365 gallon, so he’s definitely come a long way.

Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys will be seeing me next week or whenever I post because God knows that sometimes I do two videos in two days, and other times I do one video every two weeks. It could be a mess, but thank you guys so much for watching. I love you guys. Goodbye.

Oh my God, look at that cage. Click this video. Whoa, what a big cage. I don’t know what pose to do.

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