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Taylor Nicole Dean: Hello and welcome to another video. I’m sorry, my intro was actually, “Hey, howdy, hey, and welcome back to the day.” I don’t even know what that means, welcome back to the day in case you left the day, welcome back. For those of you who I guess were napping, welcome back to the day. It rhymed, so I said it. Then I continued to say it and continued to say it. Now, when I mentioned the possibility of not saying it, people are like, “No, please keep saying it,” so I’m saying it. Welcome back to the day.

I am trying to come up with a cuter intro to incorporate my animals, and I thought of one where I like to say, “Hi to everyone” and then specifically, for my subscribers, I show an animal. The way I worded it I realized after I posted it from the comments that it sounded exactly like Kurtis Connors’ intro. No one really seemed to care. People were just like, “Hey, it sounded like his intro,” but I don’t want to take anyone’s intro.

I know if I was watching a YouTuber, and I saw them say, “Hey, howdy, hey, welcome back to the day,” I would be livid. That came from my heart and soul. That was hard to come up with. Please know I’m just kidding. Anyway, I basically decided that I want to keep the intro of showing an animal at the beginning of every video, but I won’t do the bit where I say it’s only for returning subscribers because I don’t want it to sound too much like Kurtis Connors’ intro because that’s his thing.

Honestly, I have seen his videos before, but it’s been a minute, so somewhere in the back of my brain, it was just ingrained in there. I’m not a YouTuber that constantly and aggressively plugs the subscribe button, the like button and all that. I do mention it at the end of the video, but I’m not someone who incessantly reminds people. I’ve noticed that when I watch YouTube, unless someone constantly reminds me to like or subscribe, I’ll often forget to. Even if I really liked the video, I just won’t remember to like it unless someone continuously tells me.

Because of that, that’s where I came up with the idea of I need to find some way to encourage people to subscribe, to remind them without just literally begging, but the one idea I came up with was already someone else’s idea just minus the animals, so I just give up. Just subscribe, that’d be cool. Since today’s video is all about giving Twisty’s cage a makeover, obviously the animal I’m going to use in the intro is Frank, my snake. Wasn’t that an obvious guess? I know, so predictable. Frank is not wanting to show his face right now, so I’m just going to give him a second.

Taylor Nicole Dean: Hey, Frank. Can you show your face? Look at the camera. I’m going to help you out, okay? Whoa, I can’t believe he decided to turn around like that to look at the camera. Here is Frank, my banana paradox ball python.

Taylor: Anyway, today’s video, as you can see, in the title, if you are on a laptop or computer, the title is below you. If you’re watching on a phone and you tap your screen, I think it’s above you. Wow, technology.

If you are watching on any platform, you could see this video is about making over my bearded dragon’s cage. His name is Twisty, and he’s a cute little dude, but honestly, I think his cage is really ugly. When I lived at my old house, I was about to give him a very big cage upgrade. A very, very well-deserved luxurious cage upgrade and then I had to leave.

That did not get to happen, but that cage is still in storage.

When I move back out, which is going to be soon, I already have a tour set up for a place I really like. We’ve been talking in the emails, whenever I move, we’re getting that cage back out and we’re giving Twisty the biggest, coolest upgrade. For now, he’s just getting a makeover, not an upgrade. Okay? Before we continue, I’m going to put him away, okay? Be right back.

I guess let’s just go ahead and get right into it, I’ve talked long enough. I’m sure there’s still a big group of people who subscribe to me that just want to see the animals and don’t want to hear me yap so I’m going to shut my trap. I can rap, how about that? Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy his little makeover because his cage is really blood ugly. It’s just there’s not much going on, it’s ugly. He’s a big boy. He deserves a fun upgrade.

Taylor: I actually have gotten to a place, the time of the week when I need to do a spot clean for his cage. I spot clean every week and then on top when I go in to feed him every day, I pick up whatever is around there. Every week, I go in there and I look around and get everything out but once a month, I completely clean everything out, and I feel like we’re getting around that time. It’s getting real messy in there.

This is basically all of his enclosure and all it entails right now and I’m just not happy with it. We have this right here under his basking lamp. We have another regular heat lamp right here, and he sits there if he wants to be under that. We have a little area back there that used to be hanging, but it fell apart. Then this is where his food usually is. Hi, how are you? Hello, how are you? Are you ready for a cage makeover? You’re a good boy, and I love you. You’ve got a fat tummy right now, you’re fat.

Anyway, then you add some extra hides. I do have a little water dish over here that I do fill up with water. I don’t think bearded dragons need– What? Do you think my finger is a worm? What? You just bonked my finger for no reason. Why did you bonk my finger? Anyway– Excuse me, that is the camera lens. What did you think you saw there? [laughs] You’re being goofy.

Anyway, we’re going to put him in a different little area to hang out in while I redo his cage. Excuse me, what are you doing? [laughs] He does not like the camera. I am going to go ahead and get him out and move him and then we will makeover this cage because it is just bland and gross right now. I don’t know how it’s gotten to this. It used to be a little better, but it’s gross, so we’re going to make it over.

Sadly, we aren’t giving him a bigger cage yet because I’m not moving out until next month. It will be happening. Can I help you kitty, I heard a meow somewhere. Are you meowing, Star? Star, why do you have your foot like that? What are you doing? Look at this big boy, he is so big. Since he’s going to be in this little bin, he’s going to be in this little bin in a warm spot.

I’m going to see if he wants a little treat. You want Pinky, sir? Is that a no? What is he doing? He is balancing it on his nose. You dropped it. Is that a no? Do you not want the Pinky? Do you not want Pinky? I’ll leave it there for like 10 minutes and come back and get it out if you don’t want it. Let’s go clean his cage. How do you feel about the cage clean, Star? You look like you’re losing some weight. You feel good about your new diet? Can you say I like my new diet? No? Okay.

First thing we’re going to do is we’re going to clean it just how I would normally clean his enclosure, but I’m going to take everything out. I’m just going to go through here, get all the paper towels out, get all of his hides out, everything. We’re going to clean all of them down. I might still use some of these, I might not. It really depends on what new accessories I want to add. That’s the first part, is just cleaning this out.

Taylor: [mumbling] My mumbles don’t explain it very well, but my family was at Lowe’s, and they told me that they were going to pick up new tile for my bearded dragon tank so I didn’t have to go do it, which is awesome. I would’ve done it, but they said they got it and that they left it in the garage for me and that they got enough for the tank so I just brought it all in and without even thinking, started filming this video assuming I had enough and I had nowhere near enough.

I looked as much as I could everywhere in the garage, it’s pretty packed in there right now because of the holidays, and I was defeated. There is no more tile. Basically, I do make it work really well. You’ll see how I do it in the end with only the two little patches of tile.

Taylor: Okay. I’m pretty confident that I’m finished. The idea I have is I’m either going to put the food right here or over here. This part has the tile which is just a place to lay out and bask. Everything else is paper towels, but it’s pretty heavily covered. I want him to have a space where he can move around without just climbing and stuff. He can move all right here and then back into there and run around, climb, climb, climb. Climb through that, climb in here, climb on this, climb on this, climb on that and then there’s a lot of decor. There’s some places to hide.

He can go under here to hide. He could fit in here plenty well. He could also fit back there to hide plenty well. There’s a big gap back there that’s safe for him to hide in and then back here again, he can hide. There’s a lot of hides. There’s a lot of basking spots. I’m really happy with what I was able to do with this tank. It’s a little bit over 40 gallons. It’s about 45 gallons. I want to put him in my old monitor cage if you guys remember that. It was a 360-gallon tank, and I think he will love it.

I’m going to drill a lot of things in the back for him to climb in, all that stuff, but we’re going to do that when I move back out. For the time being, we have this. Let me go ahead and show you guys all around in here like a cool little montage of what I’ve done.

Taylor: Let’s see how he reacts. This is your enclosure, Twisty. Do you see it? I see your little eyes looking around. Do you see your new enclosure? He’s looking up and down at it. Do you approve of it? Still eyeing it, trying to make sense of everything. You approve? You’re ready to go in there? Let’s put you right here by your food. Want some food? You just licked the bowl. You didn’t eat the food, bubba. Eat blueberry. Here. Offering. Friendship offering. Blueberry. Please take. I think he’s just like, “Where am I?” Look. Blueberry. Blueberry. Blueberry. Do you not want blueberry? There you go. Now you eat. What did you go for?

How about get some collard greens. Collard greens, they’re good for you. Collard– [laughs] Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll leave you alone. I love when I try to offer him food and he just squints his eyes like, “Do not offer me that horrible stuff.” You munch. You’re not even eating. There we go. We love a boy who eats his veggies. We love a good veggie boy. You didn’t eat again. You missed. You completely missed. What are you chewing? Nothing. You missed. Why are you looking at me like that? You’re the one who missed the food. Your tongue did not touch anything, Twisty.

Taylor: Why is your face always so dirty? I clean this stuff off of his face all the time. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for touching you. I’m sorry. Are we friends? Can we shake? Can we shake on it? Please? Just one little finger. What about a kiss? Can we kiss on it? No? Okay. I clean this always. Okay. I clean this always, and he always rejects it. What are you looking at? The floor? You noticed your new tile? Isn’t that cool?

Voice 1: Oh my goodness. Is that lettuce?

Taylor: That’s a plant. Twisty, no. Twisty. Why are you trying to eat the fake plant? It’s nothing. It’s fake. Look, it’s a harmless fake plant. You don’t need to eat it.

Voice 1: I thought it was lettuce.

Taylor: All your food is over there. Please don’t eat the plant. I thought you might like to hide in it. Don’t lick it. I’m going to take all your plants out if you do that.

Voice 1: Do not take my lettuce.

Taylor: You cannot ingest these. Stop. Don’t do it. I’m not looking away from you until you walk away from these plants.

Voice 1: What is that over there?

Taylor: No. Don’t act like I don’t know what you’re about to do. Look over here. Did you just try to lick that now? Oh my God. Twisty, food is over there. Enclosure is just to hang out. What are you chewing? Am I going to have to remove all plants from your enclosure, Twisty? Please don’t eat all my hard work. I could still see you. I know what you’re planning to do. If you hide back there, just know that I could still see you if you try to eat something.

See, I thought he would like that area back there to hide in. Now, his little nub is sticking out, little nub of a tail is just sticking out and his little feet are just– What is he doing? Twisty, I could still see you back there. Hi. Hi, Twisty. Let me know what you guys thought of the enclosure. I think it’s really cool. I can’t wait to upgrade it and put him in a really big enclosure. That will be really fun whenever that happens. I think the enclosure is really fun. I think it’s cute.

The only things that I might remove are these little pieces of moss, just depending on if he goes for them or not. I’m going to see if he tries to lick at them too much because I don’t want him ingesting any of that. If not, I’ve seen a lot of people with adult bearded dragons do this, and it’s safe because they’re older and they know not to mess with it, but we’ll see. I just think it makes the cage look so much better, and I thought maybe he would like it because it would build up more little hiding spots and stuff, which would be cool. I’m starting to think he was maybe just getting a taste of it to smell it, to see if he liked what it was. Do you want a blueberry?

Voice 1: Goodbye.

Taylor: I guess not. In person, this thing looks so pretty. I don’t think on camera, it does justice. It looks so much more pretty now. Before, it just looked ugly. It looked like, “Ulgh,” but now it’s, “Ooh.” It went from ew to wow. Hi. I love that he’s just hanging out right there. It’s cute. Do you like your new little hides over there, bubby? Don’t lick it. Don’t do it. Twisty. Twisty. Twisty. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. I’m watching you. I’m watching you. I’m watching you. He’s still staring. What? What are you looking at? Rubby, rubby, rubby on the dubby.

How may I help you, sir? Can I please shake your hand good, sir? No. He moved his hand away. How rude. I’m just kidding. You’re not rude. You’re just a living reptile who doesn’t want a human to poke at your feet. He’s turning his head when I talk like that. Do you react when I talk like this? Do you like it when I talk like this? I’m sorry if I’m insulting your intelligence. Boy, I thought it was— I’m talking to you. Are you leaving? You just ran into the wall.

I’m sorry if I’m insulting your intelligence. [laughs] Now, he’s just squishing his face on the plant. What? You get a little massage while you relax on your fake plant. See, I thought you would like the fake plants, if you could just get past trying to eat them. He’s so interested in these plants. He’s just laying his head on them. I love it. You’ll go over here back to food maybe? You’re going to go back to eat your food? Now, you’re just sitting on your food.

That is not a throne to sit on. If you poop, I swear– If you’re about to– Oh my God, he is pooping on his food. All right. I quit. Goodbye. That’s the end. Oh, it’s still going. Okay. Goodbye. It’s not like I just prepared that forever and you’re pooping so much on it. Okay. Let’s just go to the outro, guys. Oh my God.

That was the video, and I hope you guys enjoyed because if you didn’t, can’t do nothing about it, I’m sorry. Cool. Please like me. If you want to see more cage makeovers, cage upgrades when I move because there’s going to be a lot of that happening when I move. Temporarily here, it’s been about six months, and now, I’m going to be moving. It was the short little period, but temporarily, I had to live here, so we had to not do the upgrades. We had to keep everyone in smaller than what I would prefer enclosures.

I like to give them extra space, not just enough. We’re going to be upgrading a majority of cages I have when I move out, but until then, we’re just revamping what they have now into a more enjoyable setup or upgrading how I can like when I gave Duck the bigger cage and I actually gave my corn snake a bigger cage which I haven’t shown yet. It’s still going to get even a bigger upgrade again when I move. There’s a lot coming. I also gave one of my ball pythons an upgrade. Anyway, you get the point. If you want to subscribe to my channel to watch me talk like this because I am a robot.

I’m tired, I haven’t slept, I’m sorry. Anyway, I don’t know how I have any subscribers, but if you want to become a subscriber, please do it because it helps me out. This is how I make my living, this is how I take care of my animals, this is how I take care of myself, this is how I’m moving out again, this is how I am surviving. So, help me survive please and give a like if you like because when you like it, it recommends it to other people so other people can be like, “Cool video, I like this.”

I’m never going to do a like goal. You know how some YouTubers are like, “Let’s aim for 25,000 likes.” I’m never going to do that because I’m insecure. If I say that and I don’t hit that mark, I’ll just cry because I’ll be like, “Wow, that was embarrassing. I thought I could get that many likes and I couldn’t, embarrassing,” so let’s aim for two likes, okay? No, I’m not going to say that because then when I have two likes, no one else will like the video.

No matter what number the likes are right now, if you add another one, it will be a good amount of likes, please give it a like. By adding one to whatever the number is right now, it will be a good amount, let’s aim for that many likes. If you scroll down right now and you see whatever amount of likes that you see, I’m aiming for one more than that. Please like it, thank you. Bye.

I’ve got to take a thumbnail. I’ll look smart chewing these glasses because that’s what smart people do, they chew their glasses. They don’t wear them, they eat them. Smart people, they eat glasses. How do you think they’re so smart? Because they eat the stuff that helps you see, and if you see more, you’re smarter. What am I saying? I don’t think you guys realize that as I talk, my brain is like, “What is coming out of your mouth?” I don’t ever know. Anyway, I’m going to take a thumbnail now and edit the video, goodbye. Why am I including this footage? I don’t know. I need to shut up, oh my God.

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