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Large Terrarium

One thing is for certain: a company’s track record is vitally important in gaining the confidence of their customers. So when you decide it’s time to purchase a large terrarium, be on the look-out for a large reptile cage manufacturer you can trust.

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A company like Cages by Design is your best option. They have an impressive track record and stunning roster of clients. Take a look...

  • In 2007 Cages by Design partnered with Jack Hanna at the Columbus Zoo. We agreed to install over $50,000 worth of cages. This included large terrariums for snakes, every type of acrylic reptile cage as well as an aluminum cage or two.
  • In 2006 Cages By Design received a request from the TV show, Pimp My Ride for a large reptile cage. This large terrarium was going to be used in an upcoming episode of the show. Cages by Design came through and built a stunning large reptile cage which fit perfectly in the back seat of the car featured in the episode.
  • By December 2007, Cages by Design had become such a national sensation that Adam Keller, owner of the company was invited as a guest on MSNBC’s “Your Business” segment. The main goal was to discuss how Cages by Design has become a successful company by marketing their large terrariums and bird cages in the United States, instead of off shore.

A Large Terrarium Manufacturer with an Impressive Record

Cages by Design has thousands of customer testimonials, vividly demonstrating the quality of our large terrariums. Other big name customers include Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Disney, to name a few. Beyond all that, you can be proud to purchase an acrylic reptile cage or a large terrarium from Cages by Design, because they are a company who actually cares about animals. In fact, they have donated thousands of dollars worth of products to humane societies, charities, and bird & reptile rescue foundations.