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Custom Cages offers a variety of large terrariums for your reptiles. If you are looking for an acrylic reptile cage or a large reptile cage, we offer many benefits you can’t find anywhere else.

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A company like Custom Cages is your best option. They have an impressive track record and stunning roster of clients. Take a look...

  1. Family owned. This means our company takes pride in our work and brand. We put our heart and soul into every large reptile cage or aluminum cage we produce. When you’re family owned, each person knows they contribute a special part to the successful production of every large reptile cage.
  2. Handcrafted in the USA. We never farm out our large terrariums to another manufacturer or off-shore production facility. Instead every large reptile cage is produced right here in our Wisconsin facility. We have all the equipment we need to create highly-specialized custom terrariums with razor-sharp accuracy.
  3. All material come from the USA. This includes all our stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Large Terrariums Backed by Company Pride

We want to provide you with large terrariums you can be proud to display in your home. The staff at Custom Cages work together as a dedicated team to provide you with:

  • A quality reptile cage. Whether you purchase an acrylic reptile cage or an aluminum cage, we want you to be thrilled with your custom terrariums.
  • Great service. Friendly receptionists. Expert design teams. Great Craftsman. We’re all available to assist you wherever needed.
  • A positive experience. We hope that every interaction you have with us is extremely positive. Our goal is to help you become just a little more exited about your herp-keeping hobby!