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Iguana Terrariums
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Some lizards grow rapidly over a period of two or three years. While size can be estimated based on your pet’s species, it can never be guaranteed. Some reptiles grow much larger than expected, which means they will need a gigantic iguana terrarium. This is important to keep in mind as you select your first iguana terrarium or python cage. Ideally, try to find monitor cages that are expandable. This means that you can “add-on” to your monitor cage without having to replace the entire structure.

Adaptable Iguana Terrariums

At Custom Cages we offer a variety of iguana terrariums. Each iguana terrarium is expandable, which means you can enlarge your cage at any time. So you will never waste a purchase. This expandable feature will also provide you with peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about estimating how large your pet will become a year down the road. Simply buy the size monitor cage you need today and worry about expanding later.

There are several factors that influence your pet’s size. These include:

  • Diet. The more nutritious your pet’s diet, the more he’ll grow. Watch your pet as he chows down in his iguana terrarium. Does he seem to have a healthy appetite? If so, it’s a good sign that he’ll grow to a sizable length.
  • Genetics. No matter how much you feed your pet, genetics are still a key factor in determining size. You just never know. That’s why it’s best not to worry about purchasing a massive python cage or iguana terrarium right away. You may end up with giant monitor cages that are too big for your pet.
  • Environment. If you keep your iguana terrariums the right temperature, your pet will be more apt to grow strong and healthy.

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