0:00:17.5: What is going on everybody? Welcome back to another video here at Blake’s exotic animals. If you guys have not seen part one right here of the custom cage build that we’re doing here in the back of the ranch, make sure you guys go check it out right now. But what we’re doing right now if you guys saw in the last part of where we left off, we are about to get the footer in the exact place where we want the case to sit on top, so that we can hurricane strap this thing onto the ground so it won’t fly away when we have Florida storms. So what we’re doing right now is to getting the footer in place, my dad’s making sure everything is pristine and perfect. Everyone has… I think this is what maybe a four inch gap, we have about a four inch gap right there that the cage is gonna sit right on top of, so that it won’t fly away. So follow along you guys, we’re getting this footer in place, we’re gonna pour the concrete, add everything we have to do, so we have a nice, perfect little slab of a footer, and then bring that cage on top of here, so follow along and let’s get this moving. Adding all the mesh inside of there, this is just a little way so that the mesh, the concrete won’t break later on when it’s sitting in place, but perfect ready to go. We added a little bit of rock to keep the mesh off the…

0:01:16.2: Ground?

0:01:16.9: The ground and yeah, we are getting it altogether, we’re getting the rebar in place. And all we had to do now is pour the mesh, pour the concrete before the sun goes down. It is 4 PM here on the ranch right now, and the sun has already passed all the palm trees. That is insane. Normally the sun’s been up to almost 7:30, but time changing and all that stuff. So, getting dark early, but that means we gotta get feeding and everything done a lot lot earlier here on the ranch. But other than that, almost there, gonna get the bags of concrete, pour this stuff, so that tomorrow it will be nice and dry, and later tomorrow evening, we could possibly put this cage back on top.

0:01:51.8: But, I stopped pouring concrete.

0:01:53.0: All the tortoises are eating, everybody is having a good old time eating food. We just got a little concrete mixer, Jacob brought it because he’s like “We’re not starting out with a shovel.” It’s normally how I do it. I guess I just… I don’t know, work smarter not harder. But we got the concrete bags, we are gonna get the concrete… Look at them, look at them.

0:02:10.9: Rudy. Stop it.

0:02:12.1: Rudy’s a mean pig. We’ve got the concrete bag, we got 60 pounds each, we’ll put them inside there. Mike, turn on the hose over there. And then we start mixing, we’re gonna start filling up the footer, so let’s do it. Let’s do it. Probably one bag at a time, right?

0:02:26.0: Yeah.

0:02:27.9: Definitely.

0:02:31.0: You got a razor blade?

0:02:33.0: No. We don’t got that either. Alright. Tell me when to stop.

0:02:44.3: Alright, we’ll keep going. Alright get that machine there, churn that stuff up.

0:02:53.2: You need water.

0:02:54.8: Need some water. We’re gonna make it a little bit drier you guys, so it’s not so wet. Because the way we made this little design of a footer, the wood is gonna make a little bit come through. See that. Look at the hermit tortoises. They are eating up. Everybody’s eating, everybody’s having a great old time. But, yeah.

0:03:23.5: Starting it up.

0:03:24.6: My god. I could have had one of those way back in the day. What happened?

0:03:28.9: [chuckle] It was [0:03:29.9] ____.

0:03:32.4: [0:03:32.4] ____.

0:03:34.5: Make it a little bigger. Do that whole bag.

0:03:35.0: [0:03:35.0] ____.

0:03:36.8: Maya, you gotta turn off that water. Water girl, turn off the water. Run. No, can’t see you running.

[overlapping conversation]

0:03:46.6: Turn it. Don’t turn it off yet.

0:03:53.8: That’s it.

0:04:03.1: All right, we got the first one in, maybe not.

0:04:19.6: You’re missing.

0:04:22.0: There we go. All right, we’re gonna get a little bit more.

0:04:26.6: Probably mix it a little bit longer.

0:04:30.8: Yeah, little bit more maybe. My hands are gonna be nice and rough, you guys. All right, so, another bag. Yeah, maybe we mix it a little bit longer, but that’s alright. It’ll be a nice freakin footer, I’ll tell you that much. And this stuff dries pretty fast, it’s a high strength concrete mix. So Cassandra wanted be on the other side of the camera, she says she wanted to use a little bit of work on the concrete a little bit. Got Jacob doing the mixing. Cassandra’s making sure it’s all even, got the levels out, we’re making it all pristine and making it perfect, and yeah, making it happen. Let’s do it.

0:05:07.4: So as you guys can see, we’ve been really grinding here at the ranch. The weather has been pristine right now, so that is what’s making me really happy getting things done. We got that done, we’re about to get this done, this will be completely done probably tomorrow. And it’s gonna be really, really dope. Look at the cranes, cranes already up, that’s a good sign right there that it is getting dark out and sun’s about to go down, but we have lights underneath the building, so that helps a lot too. Jacob’s bringing in more concrete bags as well. Definitely gonna need a couple more lights out here in the future, so I gotta call my electrician, bring some more lights out here and stuff, but other than that, we’re getting it done. Concrete just about done, we just need another bag or so to go right here, and then we’re gonna let it dry 24 hours. Not even. By tomorrow it’ll be solid, it’s not that much concrete, and we could pick this up tomorrow, drop it on there, strap it down and see what we’re gonna put inside this cage.

0:05:52.4: If you guys didn’t see the first part of this video, yesterday or the day before, whenever we decided to post it, in the comments, we still don’t know exactly what animal we wanna put inside of this enclosure. So let me know in the comments, see what you think. Part three we’ll definitely figure out what we’re going to put inside here, and it will be complete, but this is still part two. Check out Maya. Maya is just chillin right now. She’s like where’s my food, she wants a chick or a rat right now, she’s looking around, she’s flying around. But a couple more bags, like this video, 10,000 likes, I know you guys can make it happen. Custom Cages are the people to go to to make one of these dope freakin cages, so let’s do it.

0:06:28.9: All right, you guys, check it out. So it is part day two of getting all of this put together, and as you can see the last part you guys saw, we’re making the footer of this enclosure and it is completely done. We have a couple little spots that we missed. But as you saw, it was my sister and me and Jacob putting it all together. Got a little bit of missing there with the rebar and stuff but that’s okay, we’re just gonna get a little bit of… Another type of concrete mix, it doesn’t have rock in it. I forgot, put it down the comments you know what I was talking about. We’re gonna use some of that stuff, mortar. I think it’s called mortar, we’re gonna get that, make it nice and thick, rub it all around, make it nice and smooth and fix it all up so that it’s nice and smooth all around the sides. But other than that, you guys, it looks pristine, it looks amazing. What do you guys think? Custom Cages, what do you guys think? I think this looks absolutely insane here on the back of the ranch. This set of the property looks freaking outstanding. I think it really looks really dope.

0:07:22.8: I don’t know, what do you guys think? You guys like this video? Put it down on the comments what you guys think. But where you see Willy is sitting right now, and where the male Cape Barren goose is at; actually, we should get a name for him, put it down in the comments. What should we name the Cape Barren goose male? We got Missy… Something else, but we got a lot of pond pebble, that pond river rock right here, and what we’re gonna do with that is we’re gonna lay it all here, because obviously we you don’t wanna leave it, just sand is gonna look ugly, so what we’re gonna do right now is start laying the rocks down, we have a bunch of mulch and topsoil.

0:07:50.8: And we’re gonna live… Lay some topsoil inside of there, and then add some mulch as well, and then we’re gonna add some plants and then set up our enclosure for an animal that’s coming… For an animal that’s coming soon. So make sure you guys put it down in the comments what animal you think we should put inside of here. You guys who didn’t check out the last video of building this cage here the caiman and Louie cage. You go check it out, see how we did it, it was absolutely insane. It is done, it is complete, and it’s amazing. We have Maya next door to the caiman cage as well, as you guys can see, we got all the rocks done, all that stuff, but let’s start laying down some rock getting this bad boy freaking done, but we did a pretty dope job of this… What kind of circles is this? It’s not a octagon ’cause it’s not eight.

0:08:36.7: Decagon?

0:08:37.1: Decagon? Am I right you guys, decagon? I don’t know. 10 sides, 10 sides, put it down. Are those 10 sides? Promise, 10 sides. You wanna count together guys? Let’s count together, how many sides are this? So, here’s the door. Here’s the door; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

0:09:00.0: I counted nine

0:09:00.0: 10 sides baby. Alright. So, let’s lay the rocks down rock down, and let’s do it. So, we only bought about 10 bags of pond river rock, and as you can see, pretty much just did that right there, and that really was not enough, so we’re gonna have to go get more river rock, but it’s already going down, this sunlight goes down very fast, as you guys saw a couple of seconds ago as well. We have to get other things done, we have a lot of chores here on the ranch to get things done, so get back to you in just a couple of seconds and it’s gonna look like this again because we’re gonna be doing more, but all of this will be done because we’re gonna have it all cleaned up as in all the little patching will be completed and yeah, we are not gonna be able to strap down this enclosure right right now, or as in strapping it, connect it to the concrete because it takes about 30 days for the concrete to cure, so we don’t wanna connect anything to the concrete. What we’re probably gonna do is get a piece of rebar, a u shaped rebar, and put it in and anchor it down to the ground like that.

0:09:53.4: Just so that we don’t connect the concrete until it cures after about a month and then we’ll strap it down correctly. But we shouldn’t have any more storms at all that are heavy winds anymore because winter is approaching very soon. And if you haven’t noticed already, you guys, we have a beautiful merch stop right now, go check it out on, and on top of that Custom Cages, you guys are amazing. So we are back and we have a sweater on. So if you guys haven’t checked out, we have a brand new apparel out as well. So go check it out, you guys. Pretty dope. Front, back, it is nice, it is soft, it is amazing. But look at this, you guys. We got the whole entire enclosure just about done.

0:10:35.6: So in the comments, like we’ve said a couple of times in this video already, what animal should we put inside of here, we mulched it out, we put Hibiscus in there, everything is animal safe for any animal we decide to put inside of here, it is completely rocked out all the way around, the cage is bad to the bone, check it out. I can go in… Look at this door, door opens up perfect. It is freaking dope. So I hope you guys enjoyed part two of building this cage setup, I think it’s looking really cool. Make sure you give this video a thumbs up, check out the apparel and go to the description you guys. Custom Cages got this for us and it is dope. I really, really am happy with it all, and I can’t wait to show you guys on part three on what we decide to put on here, so subscribe to the channel, you guys put those post notifications on, like this video, let’s get 10,000 likes and I will see you guys all later. Peace out everyone.

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