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Large Bird Enclosures

If you are into crafts, wood working, painting or any other type of artsy hobby, you know how important the finishing touches are. You may have a beautifully-designed wooden table that is handmade. But without a final sanding, even that exquisite piece of workmanship will look a bit rough.

 Large Bird Enclosures
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When it comes to your large bird enclosures, those finishing touches are equally important. At Custom Cages, we make sure that not a single detail is left undone. We guarantee that all our custom large bird enclosures receive the final touches they need to sparkle.

Making Your Large Bird Enclosures Exquisite

One of our top priorities is to make sure your aviary cages and large bird enclosures are completed to perfection. We also add a number of stains to our wood enclosure to give it a furniture-like appearance. We go all out in creating large bird enclosures that are extremely elegant.

We apply two coats of stain to each enclosure we make. These stains are available in 4 standard colors, or you can request a custom color for your wood enclosure. After applying the color, we add a coat of clear, water-based stain to give your large bird enclosures a smooth appearance. The wood enclosure is then sanded by one of our excellent craftsman. This process is repeated two times, in order to ensure a glossy shine to your large bird enclosures.

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