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Watching your cat play on his large cat trees in his outdoor cat cage can be an entertaining process. It is also amazing. A cat’s speed, balance and agility can take your breath away. Since cats are extremely athletic, it’s important that you provide them with the opportunity to utilize these skills.

Large Cat Trees
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For example, cats love to jump and climb. They can perform a number of acrobatic moves, twists and twirls that are simply mind-boggling. By providing your cat with large cat trees in his outdoor cat cages, your pet will be free to exercise as he pleases. When purchasing an outdoor or indoor cat cage, be sure to look for one that is tall. A tall outdoor cat enclosure provides extra space for large cat trees and other heights your cat can use for jumping and climbing. Don’t worry about your cat accidentally falling off his large cat trees and injuring himself. For most cats, this is not an issue. A cat’s balance and agility is so precise, they have been able to survive falls of over 65 feet. Since most large cat trees are no more than 6 feet in height, your pet is well within the range of safety.

If you place several large cat trees in your indoor or outdoor cat cage, you’re in for hours of side-splitting entertainment. Watching your cats jump, bounce, climb and twirl is very intriguing and sometimes comical.

Large Cat Trees That Make Your Cats Happy

When selecting large cat trees, shop around for quality and durability. If your cats are going to be jumping and bouncing, you want large cat trees that are sturdy and stable. If you purchase cat trees that are unstable, they could fall or topple over onto your pet, causing possible injury. You also want large cat trees that are a reasonable size. When making your selection, choose large cat trees that will fit inside your outdoor cat cage.

Here at Custom Cages, we provide among the most durable, high-quality cat furniture on the market. Your felines will enjoy playing on our large cat trees!