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Large Parrot Cage

When choosing a large parrot cage for your pets, there are several safety concerns you should be aware of. In the first place, if the back yard cage is not made well, your pet could accidentally get his toe caught between the wires or welded areas. If the bars are not spaced properly his head could become stuck. These are issues every bird owner should be aware of when shopping for a parret cage. They can be serious issues.

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The Suncatcher bird cages are specially designed to completely eliminate these concerns.

Every Large Parrot Cage is Designed to Keep Your Bird Safe

What makes the Suncatcher parret cages superior to all other brands? It’s quite simple. Each flight cage panel is framed with 1" square wrought iron tubing. This tubing is then welded to the large parrot cage. The smooth welding leaves no rough, jagged edges for your parrot to snag his foot. As a result, the Suncatcher back yard cage offers maximum safety for your parrot. Just like you would never buy a toy that could potentially harm your child, you should never purchase a large parrot cage that could accidentally injure your feathered friend.

Another advantage of our design is that there is no way for debris or waste material to get lodged between the flight cage panels. So these large cages are actually more sanitary and healthy.

The Suncatcher back yard cage is made from either 8 or 12 gauge wire. Our standard models come with the 8 gauge, which is durable enough for most small and medium sized birds. If you need a double –dose of security you can upgrade to our unbendable 12 gauge wire. This is recommended for larger birds with strong beaks, such as macaws or cockatoos.