Custom Cage, Configure Your Own Today!

A custom cage is ideal when looking for a corner reptile cage or a maple reptile cage. A custom reptile cage allows you to order the type of reptile enclosure that will best match your home décor and fit your personal preferences.

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Custom Cages is the most widely recognized custom cage manufacturer in the nation. And the choices they offer when picking out your custom cage are boundless:

  1. Quality materials
    Every custom cage and corner reptile cage is made out of material from the USA.
    Much of this material for each custom reptile cage comes from suppliers in our home state of Wisconsin.
  2. Durable, pet safe finish
    After each custom cage is completed, it is painted with your stain of choice. You have four colors to choose from.
    These stains are all safe for your pets and will add a smooth, finished texture to your corner reptile cage or custom reptile cage.
  3. Customization.
    We pride ourselves in offering our customers lots of choices. You can choose the style, size and color you prefer for your custom cage.
  4. Aluminum interior
    Each custom reptile cage and corner reptile cage has a strong aluminum interior, which protects against moisture damage. This will keep your custom cage in excellent shape.
  5. Hoods & stands
    Elevate your custom cage or maple reptile cage to eye level with an attractive stand.
    Hoods are excellent when wanting to hide unsightly light fixtures on top of your custom cage.
  6. Feet & Legs
    Want to add a splash of style to your corner reptile cage—you’ll love our feet and legs.