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Maple Bird Cages

Maple Bird Cage Painted Black
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At Custom Cages, we know the importance of solid material when constructing maple bird cages. We’ve experimented with several different types of wood and only a handful passed the test. Our favorite custom bird cage is our maple bird cage.

Maple Bird Cages Designed By the Masters

Maple is an all around durable wood. It’s used for anything from wood floors to bowling pins. It’s exceptionally popular with violin makers as they say it makes the instrument sound perfect. At Custom Cages, we have found a new use for this exceptional material—we use it to make our maple bird cages. If you purchase a maple bird cage, you will be captivated by the unique design and beautiful finish of this wood.

All our Majestic bird cages, hoods and stands come standard in a hard maple wood finished with black or white paint or solid oak wood material with one of four stain colors.

Not only is maple an outstanding material for any custom cage, there is the added benefit of having your maple bird cages designed and built by the masters. Our craftsmen are the sharpest in the industry. They know how to handle wood and how to build a quality custom bird cage or oak bird cage. So you are guaranteed to receive a custom maple bird cage that is close to perfect.

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