0:00:00.0: This is the hardest thing ever.

0:00:01.8: Come on bro.

0:00:04.3: Oh, my god, that looks like a lot of work. Sure.

0:00:23.0: What’s going on everybody? Welcome back to Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch. Today, we have a really, really cool enclosure that has gotten brought here to the house. Custom cages has working with us right now, and we have an awesome delivery that just got brought to us and we wanna show you those clips of it coming from the truck.

0:00:46.4: What is going on everybody? If you have not seen the brand new merch drop, all the hoodies that we just dropped in as well as joggers, go check it out at It is really, really dope. And on top of that, we are shipping worldwide. So anywhere that you guys are watching us right now, this hoodie could get to your house, to your, whatever you want. Go check it out on the website you guys and go get yourself some brand new hoodies. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more turtle the tortoise available. Go get yourself a freaking hoodie to rep the ranch. Go do it. It is a massive cage, it’s gonna be going and put in the back of the building where we just finished the caiman or alligator enclosure. If you haven’t check those videos out go check them out right now on YouTube and always keep your post notification on and subscribe to the channel. So we’re gonna head over there right now, me and my dad we’re gonna put it together, and one of my sister’s friends.

0:01:30.2: We’re gonna get all the panels, bring it to the back, set it all up and then we’re gonna make a giant footer for this to sit on place of the footer so that it doesn’t fly away in any hurricanes, in any of those crazy storms that we have here in Florida. Let’s head over there and open up this box and see what we got in store and see what they sent us, because they told me it’s big, it’s massive, and I don’t really know what’s in those guys, Custom Cages. Check them out on Instagram as well, YouTube, Facebook, all those cool things. And let’s open up this box.

0:02:00.0: Yo this is the smallest. Alright, so we did open up the box, and we actually asked them to make sure they give us the thickest gauge possible that they make, and they’re like, “Okay, what are you guys gonna put inside of it?” I said, “I have no idea.” It’s a massive octagon enclosure. We’re gonna put it all together. The gauge of this is like 10 gauge. It’s really really, really strong stuff. They said it’s a hyacinth proof, if you know what hyacinth is. It’s the biggest macaw out there, and they cannot bite through this. So it’s gonna be really dope to put it together and see what it looks like.

0:02:29.7: So Custom Cages is the one that we’re talking to getting all these things together. It took like two weeks for this thing to get here, it was a long process but it got here. It gave us time and it’s back to being beautiful outside as well, no more rain, which is definitely a plus. Alright, let’s go open this thing and start bringing all the panels to the back. And like I said, it was for me, my name is on this thing, the screws, everything is on there, Blake’s Exotic, heck yeah. So, my god, this is gonna be interesting. But everything’s on here. There’s actually… Look at this, there’s a sun catcher enclosure assembly YouTube video on here. Everything is on here, it’s a really cool design. If you guys go and buy from them, everything is there, it’s really, really dope. Any cages, Custom Cages, you guys. So whatever you have an idea of, they can make it for you and they make it top notch, best of the best. And that’s the reason why I did this. Hopefully, we’re gonna be working with them a lot more, getting more bad to the bone enclosures. And the other reason why I like them a lot as well, ’cause you see it’s a black, and that black right there matches all of my gate. So it gonna look really really cool with the brown and white building and then these big black giant cages, will be dope.

0:03:37.7: Look how solid these cages are you guys, this thing… I mean, that is top notch. That looks like a freaking chimpanzee cage, that’s crazy. That’s really dope. But let’s start pulling these things out. We got the roof over there too. Alright, that’s really dope, really cool. Make sure you guys like this video, subscribe to the channel, go follow Custom Cages as well, go check them out if you’re interested in anything. They have things for inside of the house. So I saw they have a lot of really cool designs. My dad’s gonna wanna get some stuff. Possibly we could maybe in the future, this is gonna be for an outside enclosure, but you know we have the whole inside of the building for the tortoises. Maybe they can make me some really, really cool custom tortoise enclosures inside of there, which should be really cool. I don’t know. See what we could do.

0:04:15.2: Well, make sure you guys like this video and let’s start building. So we got the whole first panel out and check it out. So this is the first panel, it is at that height right there, so I’m saying definitely probably around six feet tall, I think it’s six foot and then again, remember it’s gonna have a triangle looking roof and everything. So, but this is top notch up.

0:04:35.2: Put it on the grass and turn the wheel.

0:04:36.2: Perfectly welded together. I mean this is a beautiful, beautiful enclosure. I cannot wait to put it together, all completely put together right, so you don’t scratch it and all that stuff. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. 10 panels. Where’s the door?

0:04:48.9: That’s the door right here.

0:04:49.6: That’s the door? 10 panels and the door, pretty freaking dope. So we’re gonna design it in the back. So then once we have it in place, we’re gonna put the footer on it so that it straps to it. So if you haven’t seen part three of the brand new caiman enclosure, make sure you guys go check it out, because after that [0:05:12.4] ____ was done, what we did is me, my sister and her friend, we got this whole complete area completely bricked up. So look how dope this area looks. If you guys are following me on Instagram and TikTok and all of my other socials, you guys have been seeing all the work we’ve been putting down over here and it’s finally getting put together. I think it looks really dope. Put it down on the comments if you think this area looks freaking pristine. We got Maya right here, we got Louie’s enclosure right here, and now coming up, I don’t know, I don’t know who’s enclosure that’s gonna right there, but put it down on the comments. What animal do you guys think we should put inside of here? We got the enclosure first, now we gotta get the animal to put inside of it. I have a couple of ideas, but I don’t wanna spoil it. I wanna see what you guys think I should put it in there next. This gauge is for pretty much any class animal.

0:05:51.6: Obviously, we’re not gonna put a tiger in there, we’re not getting big cats here on the ranch, but we could put, who knows, maybe a small monkey. We could do… I don’t know. Put it down in the comments, maybe a really cool bird. I don’t know. But as you see, we have all the bricks all around the sides right there. And then on the outside of the enclosure, how you see all the sand, what we’re gonna do there is probably what we’re gonna put is just a bunch of pond rock all around it to make it look nice so that there’s no sand and it’s just rock and no weeds could grow. And then what we’re gonna do is put a footer right here going around the whole entire enclosure, and the cage is gonna sit on top of that, and we’re gonna strap it, screw it down, so the cage cannot fly away. And then that’s gonna be the cage. And the reason why I decided to put a footer and not in a whole complete pad of concrete is because I like my cages to look more naturalistic, so inside of this enclosure wall, what I could do is I can put a hibiscus bush in here or a tree. I could put some grass, whatever I would like to do, just like how I do my other enclosures. Just look behind me, check ’em out, see what I mean, we got the trees in there, we got the…

0:06:46.5: What’s that called? Hibiscus tree in there, really, really cool, look at Maya fly. Hey Maya, you doing good girl? Yeah, Maya is living her best life. And then what I decided to, you are gonna be probably wondering why I broke it off right here, because I would like to have pathways walking around through my whole entire ranch, so that when I have influencers and people come over here, they don’t really get their feet dirty, because sometimes these people come over and they are wearing very, very expensive shoes and, yeah, you’re on a ranch, but people are people, so but other than that, and for friends or family, you know what I mean? But other than that, I am not open to the public, you guys, I am only right here, virtual, like through the lens, I show you guys everything right here, follow you guys around everywhere, but enough talking about that, let’s go grab the rest of these panels and get this built, put together, I cannot wait to do this, it’s gonna be dope, let’s go build this thing, let’s go back to the front and grab more panels. So the weather has completely changed up now, it is definitely getting a lot cooler out here on the ranch and the vulture, guinea fowl, the turkeys. Everyone’s doing good, look how big the baby turkeys are getting you guys, they are looking great, they are looking amazing.

0:07:43.8: Everyone’s doing very well. The umbrella kind of flew away on one of the windstorms, which was kind of my fault, I didn’t close it up, but whatever, things happen, but other than that, let’s head to the front. Oh crap, they already got all the panels, they’re pulling them down right now, let’s do it. The garbage is gone, we have all the panels placed right here, they’re pretty much all exact the same panels, they are 30 inches each, and then this is the door, the door is really dope, it has a really cool little lock on to it, I think it’s 28 inches on the inside, I think they said the door goes first, we’re gonna place the door over here, and I’m gonna just start sliding them all in. It’s pretty simple how to put together, Custom Cages so make sure again, check them out you guys, and yeah, let’s put these bad boys here, these are all the panels for the roof. So these are probably… How many… I guess there was like eight panels, probably 10 maybe.

0:08:24.7: Yeah, probably 10 [0:08:26.0] ____.

0:08:26.3: Solid, nice stuff right here. So let’s start building, let’s do it.

0:08:34.8: Alright.

0:08:37.3: Drop it down low. More. There we go, right there. Right there, right there, right there, we’re in.

0:08:45.0: No. We’re not, we’re not.

0:08:46.8: Yeah, we are.

0:08:47.1: No, we’re not…

0:08:47.2: We gotta drop them more though. Pretty freaking simple. You just slide it in. That’s it. I guess you don’t even have to connect them. There’s no screws or anything on the sides.

0:08:57.8: No, we have to screw down the roof.

0:08:58.3: It’s only the… There’s one bag of screws, look at this you guys, look at this, all there is, is this right here, one bag of screws, and all the screws are just for the roof, and then this is the little peak part, let’s grab this scissor real quick while they’re putting that part together. Hey you guys, this is not for you. I mean you can check it out if you want. It’s pretty dope. And the really cool thing is, if you didn’t know how to do it, well, now you’re gonna know how to do it too on Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch. But on top of that, everything is right here, look all the instructions, panels, like that was the roof cup, exactly what I was telling you right now. Everything, just everything is right here, look at that. The YouTube video on exactly how to do it, helpful tools, basic tips, advice, everything. I mean, that is really dope, really cool. Now let’s open this thing up, and the cage is getting put together pretty fast, what do you guys think? Put it in the comments you guys, what animal, I think I already said it, but what animal should we put in here, I don’t know exactly what we should put. But I’d had some ideas. I had some ideas. So we do.

0:09:54.7: So the quality is like pristine, and he’s really, really liking it as well, he’s like, see we could do some more of these things, so you guys definitely check it out and check these places out because again, it’s Custom Cages, so whatever you want, if you have a corner piece in your house that you need it for a birdcage, they could build that and make it and make it perfect. Look at that, that’s the roof piece right there.

0:10:11.9: Put this in the house.

0:10:13.0: Put it in the house, that’s funny.

0:10:14.6: Honestly yeah.

0:10:15.5: Right, it’s a nice freaking cage. It’s gonna look… What do you guys think? This area is looking pretty freaking dope. We’re thinking about maybe if we could do something, if they are watching, Custom Cages, maybe do something for the otters, for our big old lockout for them, ’cause they’re gonna need a lockout.

0:10:28.9: If they have some simple like this you can do anything you want.

0:10:30.5: ‘Cause that gauge is perfect for the otters, it’s gonna be really cool.

0:10:33.8: Hold on, hold on, [0:10:33.8] ____.

0:10:33.9: I don’t know. What do you guys think? And the way they design these cages, you guys, anybody could do this. If you’re by yourself, you can pretty much do it yourself, it’s just gonna take you a couple of more trips to move around, but look at this right here, we’re taking this tie dye off. There you go, and look at that. So we have a handle on this side and a handle on this side, and it has as a hole right here, ready to go, so we could put a nice perfect lock on it, so you don’t have to worry about anything coming out. This is dope, look at that. Oop my bad, I hit the floor, that’s why, but that’s okay, it’s gonna be on the footer over there, and when it’s on the footer, it’s gonna be off the ground, so it’s gonna be freaking perfect. Alright. It’s dope. And then like I said, once it’s in place, we’re gonna be able to strap it down to the floor with some anchors and it’s just gonna be completely solid, it will not move at all and it’s just gonna be a pristine cage. It’s a nice cage though.

0:11:20.1: Alright, so we put the whole cage together and then we just realized that we had it upside down, so we’re gonna flip it over real quick, so that we could put the roof on because all of the bolts for the metal roof part is on the bottom, so we’re gonna flip this bad boy over and get the roof on. Alright, so we just put the cage in place, we’re pretty much where it’s gonna go, except we’re gonna move the door facing that way just because I think I’d rather have it that way, unless we can leave it right here, I mean, why not? Who likes the difference? We’re gonna be able to walk all the way around, what do you guys think? Put it down in the comments, ’cause this is gonna be the part one, and part two is coming soon. But what we’re gonna do now is get the roof, put the roof in place, ’cause once we the roof in place, then that’s gonna make the exact measurement, the exact way this cage looks, to lock it on this side, let’s go check it out, come in here, come here, you guys can see all the bolts that are inside here, and that’s for the cage to sit perfectly.

0:12:06.0: So we’re gonna grab it, put it in place, and then pretty much what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get the wood that we had earlier, put it in the inside, get the rebar so it sits perfectly where we want it, and get the other wood and put it on the outside and then lift this cage out of the way, pour the concrete, let it dry for about 24 hours, place it back down, strap it down, and that cage is gonna be done. But you gotta keep on watching, and like these videos and see what we’re gonna do next. So let’s put the roof on. So we’ve got the two support beams in place as exactly what the direction said, and as you can see, I’m only 5’8″ and I still have another three, four inches left for this cage so I’m not gonna hit my head at all, but on top of that, as you can see right here, it’s gonna hit, see how it hits right there, like I was telling you guys earlier, we’re gonna put on a footer, the footer is gonna be around maybe four to six inches, so that’s gonna make this cage twice the height, and then on the bottom, we’ll put… We’ll be able to put a mulch down here, sand down there, dirt down there, whatever we decide to do, and then landscape it a little bit for whatever we decide to put in here. If it’s a species of animal that doesn’t hurt other animals, we could possibly put a couple of tortoises in there to raise up just like we do over there.

0:13:01.6: Or we can put maybe quails down here, who knows, and then we can have just on the top part like a parrot or something, or something like that. Obviously, it’s gonna be more of a bird type of cage, but like I said, you can even put a, probably a small marmoset in here, you can raise up a couple of squirrel monkeys in here. Who knows what we decide to put in, but again, put it on down in the comments. Yeah make sure you guys check out Custom Cages and make sure you guys like this video and go check out their place, ’cause you could do something like this at your house as well, and it will look beautiful in your backyard, modern backyard, any kind of backyard. But let’s keep on going here, let’s get the roof on. Let’s do it. So we just put this right here, we’re gonna put, it has cones of…

0:13:34.6: One giant, long screw that goes right down the middle, and then all those black panels you guys see behind us. So these panels are gonna be going over the top, so it has a nice, perfect roof. And it looks like they sit on top of each… Every single one of them just like that so it just perfectly squares in. Look at that, pretty dope. Yeah, I think we just screw that in and it just goes and sits right in like that. Yeah, look.

0:13:53.9: Why do you look so confused?

0:13:58.2: No, I was looking confused ’cause I was looking at it… ‘Cause I think it sits this way, because this sits right here for each screw of the washers.

0:14:07.3: Yeah.

0:14:07.4: Yeah. Alright, so that’s how it goes. Dope, let’s get the roof on. Let’s do this one first. Alright, does it stick?

0:14:15.1: Yeah, it’s good.

0:14:16.6: That is interesting. Alright, that’s it.

0:14:20.3: Yeah, I just need to…

0:14:23.6: Alright, so we’re getting the roof on and figuring it out. The roof was definitely a lot more of a difficult part, but obviously, like I said, directions, everything is there, but… Where are the directions? Got them. We’ve been figuring it out. Yeah, we got the plate on, in place and everything. We didn’t tighten it all the way, but that is… We’re gonna do that as soon as we’re done, so I guess we need to get that bolt there, and then they all just sit on top of each other nice and evenly. What happened?

0:14:47.2: I just don’t want it to fall over there.

0:14:48.6: Yeah, you’re good. Let’s see what happens. See that? Every single one just slides in so that the rain doesn’t slide through it, there’s no way for the water to escape and fall on them. There we go, I’ll just push it more. How’s that? Push it more?

0:15:04.3: It fits perfectly right there.

0:15:07.1: Right there?

0:15:08.3: I’m gonna get the screw.

0:15:10.5: Now we just slide every single individual panel over the top, comes with one screw with the washer for each one. It’s crazy how it comes with the exact screws and everything. So make sure you don’t lose your screws. There we go, making it happen, we’re almost done. We got a couple more panels left and then the whole entire roof will be complete, and then we gotta get that footer going. Push a little more.

0:15:43.8: Go.

0:15:53.0: Sure.

0:15:55.0: You’re almost there.

0:15:56.9: Almost there? Is it in the hole yet?

0:16:00.8: You’re in the top hole, you gotta get in the bottom hole.

0:16:04.7: How many holes are there?

0:16:04.8: Two holes.

0:16:04.9: Hey, guys.

0:16:05.1: Come on. You don’t need to fall away, go the other way.

0:16:09.6: This is the hardest thing ever.

0:16:12.8: Come on, bro. Pick it up. Come on, son. Come on, son. Get down from there.

0:16:34.5: Where is the ladder? Where is the chair?

0:16:39.6: You’re not close to it at all.

0:16:39.7: Stay right there.

0:16:39.8: That was interesting. Figuring it out. We’re almost there. What do you guys think? If you guys are liking this video, make sure you like the video, ’cause I like the video. We got the whole family here trying to figure out this iron cage, custom cage. Freaking dope. Maya, what should we put inside this cage?

0:16:54.8: A monkey.

0:16:55.4: A dinosaur.

0:16:56.3: Dinosaur, monkey. What do you think? A lion?

0:16:57.9: I’ll put you in it.

0:16:58.9: A baby lion.

0:17:01.6: No.

0:17:02.3: Just kidding.

0:17:05.3: We gotta pick…

0:17:07.4: We have to pick it up anyway.

0:17:08.3: Alright, see you guys in a sec. Alright, so we’re bringing the footer inside of the enclosure to put it in place.

0:17:14.0: Come on.

0:17:14.1: Go ahead. What happened? What a footer? Well, it’s not a footer yet, it’s just a… What’s that piece called?

0:17:20.4: Frame.

0:17:21.0: The frame, there you go, that’s why we have each other. For teamwork makes the dream work. Sand in my ear. Let’s see if we did the right measurement, Papi. Papi chulo.

0:17:40.8: Papi chulo.

0:17:42.4: That’s what they call me.

0:17:46.0: Alright, so we have the footer all in place, well the frame of the footer. And that’s exactly how it’s gonna go. So what we’re gonna do right now is lift this cage back out, put it to the side, get all the rebar, all the mesh, everything inside of the hole where the concrete is gonna go. Pour the concrete, get it in place. So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video here at Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch, make sure you guys go check out Custom Cages. This cage is off the chain, it’s really, really dope. Make sure you follow along to see what we decide to put inside here, how we decorate it, what else we have to do, how we plant it, and all the cool little things we have to do with this awesome cage. This is part number one, there’s probably gonna be a part two, and there’s probably gonna be a part three to get the last part of the animal. Make sure you guys go down to the description as well, to get all of the information about the Custom Cages so that you guys could get one of these as well. So stay tuned, subscribe, and I will see you guys later. Peace out, everyone.

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