Modular and Transportable Reptile Cages

Modular and Transportable Reptile Cages

Some of our furniture reptile enclosures require assembly, on average about an hour or so per herp enclosure. Most hoods and stands come pre-assembled with the exception of larger units. This modular system allows you to get any size reptile enclosure into your car or truck, through any doorway, around cornes, and up stairways. It also allows for easy storage or shipping if you are not using your reptile cage.

Modular Bird Cage

Modular: Almost all of our reptile cages are expandable. Change out panels or expand your size at any time!

Broken Down Birdcage

Transportable: This reptile enclosure is completely broken down.

Fully Assembled Reptile Cage

Same cage, fully assembled.

Superior Reptile Cages