Outdoor Cat Homes from Custom Cages

Are you thinking about adopting an elderly cat in order to give him the love and attention he deserves during his golden years? If so, you will find that the needs of the elderly cat differ from that of a kitten. However, just like a kitten, your elderly cat will still need nicely-fixed up outdoor cat homes.

Outdoor Cat Home
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Most cats are considered elderly when they reach 7 or 8 years old. At this age, their bodies begin to slow down and they are not as active as they once were. Older cats will not spend as much time playing in their outdoor cat homes. Instead, you will find them using their outdoor cat home for resting.

Setting Up Your Outdoor Cat Homes

If your dream is to create a quiet, peaceful home for several aging cats, you couldn’t have a more noteworthy goal. With shelters overflowing with surplus animals, many of these elderly creatures do not have a good chance at survival.

Preparing outdoor cat homes for an elderly cat is not much different than getting ready for a kitten. You will still need a number of the same accessories.

Although elderly cats tend to be less athletic, you should still place a cat tree and scratching post in their outdoor cat home. Encouraging your older cats to stay active is critical. Try to motivate your pet to climb to the top of his cat tree or explore the details of his outdoor cat home.

If you are housing multiple cats in a single enclosure, make sure your outdoor cat home is large enough to comfortably house these animals. Custom Cages is the best place to shop for outdoor cat homes. Not only are these outdoor cat homes extremely well-made, they also come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Here are just a few of the sizes we offer:

  • Four-foot diameter – This outdoor cat kennel is extremely affordable and great for one or two cats. It is also handy if your have limited space. If you have an extremely small yard or deck, these outdoor cat homes are ideal.
  • Five-foot diameter – This outdoor cat enclosure is a little more spacious than the four-foot diameter cage. Several cats can comfortably enjoy this enclosure.
  • Six-foot diameter – These outdoor cat homes are walk-in friendly and would serve as a very relaxing habitat for your elderly cats.
  • Eight-foot diameter – If you want outdoor cat homes that are spacious, affordable and ideal for multiple cats, this is it. These outdoor cat homes provide plenty of room for your pets to explore and have their own space. You can even install individual cat condos for each feline in these outdoor cat homes.

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