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Outdoor Cat Playpen

Setting up your outdoor cat playpen or outdoor cat runs is a lot like preparing a bedroom for your toddler. You will need dozens of accessories and other items to help provide your pet with the absolute best.

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Even if you plan on keeping your pet indoors part of the time, the outdoor pet cage will always be your pets “own space.” So do everything in your power to make it as pleasant as possible for your feline companion.

You may be wondering why it is important to set up an outdoor cat playpen or outdoor cat runs. After all, doesn’t it seem like a lot of extra time and expense? Actually, investing in outdoor cat runs or an outdoor cat playpen is one of the best things you can do for your pet. Outdoor cats tend do be healthier than those that are strictly indoor pets. The fresh air and exercise revitalizes their senses, keeps their blood pumping properly and their muscles strong. By allowing your pet to experience the benefits of the outdoors in a safe, secure environment you could be helping lengthen their life and increase their happiness.

Choosing Accessories for Your Outdoor Cat Playpen

If you want to turn your outdoor cat playpen into the ultimate exercise area for your cat, here are a few accessories you should definitely purchase. While you may be wondering where to find all these accessories, you’ll be happy to discover that you can buy all of these items from one company—Cages By Design.

  • Shelves. If you want to give your pet some extra climbing space in his outdoor cat runs or outdoor cat play pen, consider ordering additional shelves. These shelves provide great exercise for your pets, enabling them to jump up and down different levels. They’ll be the highlight of your outdoor cats play area.
  • A cat walk. By placing a cat walk in your outdoor pet cage you will allow your pet to practice his balance and stalking skills. Cats love to walk across narrow bridges or tree limbs. A cat walk enables him to engage in this sport in a safe manner—no getting stuck in a tall tree and being unable to get down.
  • Cat trees. If you want your outdoor cat playpen to be your pet’s most treasured area, cat trees are a must. A cat tree can serve as an exercise tool and a place for your pet to snuggle up and rest.
  • Cat scratching posts. The feline species has an innate urge to sharpen their claws on almost anything they can find. By placing cat scratching posts in your outdoor cat playpen you can save your couch and other furniture from your cat’s razor-sharp claws.
  • Window connectors. A window connector is a tube that connects from your window to your outdoor cat playpen or outdoor pet cage. This device is extremely convenient as it allows your pet to have full access to the inside of your house and to his outdoor can run at all times.