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Outdoor Bird Cage

If you’ve ever eaten dinner with your parrot you know what a disaster that can be! The food seems to end up everywhere except in your bird’s mouth. Birds literally fling their food in every direction, creating a large mess for you to clean up. Think how simple clean –up would be if you fed your bird outside? That’s the advantage of keeping your bird in an outdoor bird cage.

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Clean-up entails spraying off the floor of your large parrot cage with a hose. That’s about it. But there are a few other ways to make feeding your parrot in his flight cage easy and more sanitary. Simply install one of the numerous feeders offered by Custom Cages. These feeders easily attach to the Suncatcher bird aviaries, making outdoor feeding a breeze.

Fitting your Outdoor Bird Cage with Feeders

There are two primary options when choosing a bird feeder for your large cages:

  1. The Rotating Feeder Station. This is extremely convenient when trying to feed a number of birds in their outdoor bird cage. The station consists of 3 stainless steel bowls, which are all 16 ounces. The feeder mounts onto your outdoor aviary, making the bowls accessible to your parrots. These bowls are also securely held in place to prevent spilling, which is a huge advantage. If your birds spill 3 bowls of food all across their flight cage, you can imagine the amount of time required to clean that up!
  2. The Friendly Feeder. This is also a great option for any large parrot cage or outdoor bird cage. The system is mounted externally to the flight cage, which helps conserve the food and prevent waste. The Friendly Feeder allows you to feed your pets in their large parrot cage without having to open the door or come in contact with your animal. The dish is accessible from the outside. All you have to do is remove, refill and replace the dish into the Friendly Feeder. Food and water should be placed in separate dishes in order to avoid cross-contamination.

When fitting your outdoor bird cage with a feeder, don’t forget to look at these two options, created by the world’s top bird experts, here at Custom Cages.