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Parakeet Cage

After purchasing your brand new parakeet cage, you need to decide where to put it. Should it go in the living room, dining room or one of the kids’ bedrooms? You may think anywhere will do. After all, it’s just a parakeet cage. Wrong!!

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Deciding where to place the birdcage is not as simple as you may think. In fact, if you accidentally pick the wrong spot you could potentially kill your bird.

Here are 3 places you should NEVER place your parakeet cage:

1. The Kitchen.

Certain non-stick cookware lets off an odorless fume that is toxic to birds. If these fumes seep into your birdcage, your beloved pet may have a very short life. In addition, parrots are sensitive to temperature change. If you’re boiling water or have ovens running all day, your bird could overheat and die. The kitchen is simply not a good place for your parakeet cage.

2. The Hallway.

Hallways tend to be dark and have heavy traffic. If you set your parrot cage up in this area of the house, your bird is likely to become depressed. He’ll feel isolated and away from family members.

3. The Basement.

Depending on the condition of your basement, you may or may not want to place your birdcage here. If the basement is drafty or cold, it is best to put the parakeet cage elsewhere. Otherwise your bird could catch pneumonia and die. And remember parrots are sensitive to changes in temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold, they won’t be able to handle it.

Where Do I Put My Parakeet Cage?

So if not the kitchen, hallway or basement…where is an ideal spot? Think of it this way. A bird needs to be part of your life and family. Don’t stick your parakeet cage in some dark, isolated corner and expect your bird to be happy. Instead, place the birdcage in the very heart of the home—the living room. And if you’re worried about your décor, don’t. Simply buy a decorative bird cage.

The Majestic birdcages come in enough sizes, designs and colors to fit every preference. They have ornate wooden frames, attractive hoods & stands and a variety of custom finishes. You can even add a burst of style by ordering legs or a beautiful crown for the top.

If you want an avairy or flight cage, the Suncatcher brand offers several bird aviaries that are simply elegant. They are functional and spacious for your bird, but decorative for you. Some of these aviaries even have an ornamental ball on the top, which is a real eye-stopper.