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Python Terrariums
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Arranging your python terrariums and boa enclosures is the most enjoyable part of getting ready for your pet. It’s like decorating a bedroom for your newly-born child. There is so much to do and get ready. And you want your boa enclosures to look just right.

Custom Cages offers a number of accessories to help you arrange your ball python enclosure or python terrariums to your satisfaction. In fact, we pride ourselves in being the one-stop shop for all the supplies you need for your red tail boa cages or python terrariums.

Making Your Python Terrariums Look Like Home

Here are just a few of the ways you can spruce up your ball python enclosure or boa enclosures for your pet:

  • Large Manzanita Roots. These unique looking roots will add true character to your python terrariums or ball python enclosure. They are extremely rare, making them a true treasure for red tail boa cages. Due to their size, (8-10” diameter), these roots make ideal hiding places for your snakes.
  • Large Cypress Knees. This product will make your boa enclosures and red tail boa cages look extremely unique. You don’t see these objects propped up in just any python terrariums or boa enclosures.
  • Cedar Roots. Talk about authentic. These cedar roots look like the real deal. A great way to spice up your ball python enclosure and make your pet feel like he’s at home in the wild.
  • Terrarium sand. Perfect for trapping heat and keeping it inside your boa enclosures or python terrariums. Plus, what snake doesn’t like to burrow in the sand to keep warm or take a snooze!

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