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Reptile Enclosures
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Your teenage son is in love with reptiles. He’s determined to purchase several snakes, lizards and frogs. The past few weeks he’s been dashing around the house trying to determine where to place all these reptile enclosures. He’s spent hours on the internet researching different types of large reptile cages and picking out the perfect lizard cage for his new collection of pets.

All the while you are having nightmares. What if his snakes escape from their reptile cage and start roaming the house? You shiver in horror at the thought of accidentally stepping on a cold, slippery lizard as you get out of bed early in the morning.

You’ve heard that snakes and lizards frequently escape from their reptile enclosures and begin to do as they please. For a moment you consider bringing your son’s plans to a screeching halt. But wait… there is one way he can enjoy his pets and you can receive the peace of mind you need knowing that those creatures will never escape from their large reptile cages.

Secure Reptile Enclosures

All you need is to encourage your son to purchase a reptile cage or lizard cage with a secure locking system. This eliminates all possibility of escape….and future nightmares.

The Hybrid Cages are designed with a unique keyed security system which helps keep your pets inside their reptile enclosures. The two doors on every reptile cage are pinned together and then locked from the outside. Since the latch requires a key to open it, it is nearly impossible for a snake to slither through or for a reptile to nudge the exit open.

When you purchase your reptile enclosures from Custom Cages, security is one thing you’ll never have to worry about. We’ve thought about all the problems beforehand and have worked exceptionally hard to create a reptile cage that virtually eliminates your concerns. Our cages are used regularly by zoos and traveling circuses—where security is a top concern.

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