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Snakes are crafty creatures who are masters at escaping and slithering away. The last thing you need is an escaped snake in your house. As a result, you need secure snake cages that will keep your pet confined—unless you purposely let him loose.

Whether you’re purchasing snake cages or lizard cages, safety is essential. Many reptile enclosures contain weak spots, such as drilled holes or other areas that make it easy for your pet to somehow break through and escape.

Durable, Secure Snake Cages

The Hybrid snake cages and the Majestic reptile cages are durable and secure, making them the perfect choice for concerned reptile owners. Many of these reptile enclosures are made with clear acyclic panels, which is one of the hardest forms of plastic available. In fact, it is five times stronger than glass. Due to its strength and durability these snake cages and lizard cages are hard to scratch, gouge or shatter.

Not only that… when fitting the panels together, no holes are drilled whatsoever. Drilling creates weak spots in the panels, which can allow your reptile to somehow break through. Instead, each panel slides into carefully crafted grooves hidden inside the cage frame. This design provides you with snake cages that are 100% secure. You’re pet can’t get out, and no predator can get in.

When it comes to ingenious engineering and top-of-the-line manufacturing procedures, you can’t find a more reputable company than Custom Cages. Their snake cages are one of a kind—beautiful, elegant, but also safe and secure.

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